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Kamala Harris to lead efforts to stem migration at southern border

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Vice President Kamala Harris has been put in charge of the Biden administration's effort to stem the migrant surge at the southern border. Janet Shamlian reports.

Video Transcript

- Tonight, Vice President Kamala Harris has an important new job-- leading the administration's effort to stem the surge of migrants crossing the southern border. So many are coming in that the administration is looking for new facilities to house them. CBS's Janet Shamlian reports tonight from the border in Texas.

JANET SHAMLIAN: Tonight, reporters are getting their first look inside the Carrizo Springs facility in Texas, a shelter to more than 700 teen boys who crossed the border without parents. The image is highly sanitized compared to this footage-- showing highly overcrowded centers.

President Biden today announcing Vice President Harris will take charge of the growing crisis.

JOE BIDEN: But I have asked her, the VP, today, because she's the most qualified person to do it.

JANET SHAMLIAN: The number of unaccompanied minors apprehended at the southern border this month is on track to be the highest ever. The administration is struggling to house them, and Republicans are laying blame.

JOHN THUNE: It is an emergency. It is a crisis. It is one of their own making.

JANET SHAMLIAN: CBS News has learned as many as 3,000 children will be housed at a San Antonio Coliseum. The administration now on track to open seven emergency centers.

The numbers of crossings are surging. CBS News joined Texas troopers watching a steady stream along the Rio Grande. There's little they can do.

We met this Guatemalan mom and her son at their shelter, where she told us she paid a smuggler more than $3,000 to get across the border.


JANET SHAMLIAN: She left two younger children behind. Ruben Garcia runs Annunciation House, with shelters in both El Paso and Juarez. They've seen 10 times the number of migrants in recent weeks.

RUBEN GARCIA: We are going to see a significant number of central Americans into the United States. The question is going to be whether they enter in a disorganized, chaotic, risk-filled manner, or whether they enter in an organized, planned manner.

JANET SHAMLIAN: But for now, the issue is space. CBS News has learned that two military bases here in Texas, along with one in Colorado, could become the next spots to house migrants in a sign of just how desperate this situation has become. Margaret?

- And no sign of it stopping. Thank you, Janet.