Kamala Harris proposes bill to invest in safe drinking water


WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Kamala (KAH'-mah-lah) Harris is introducing a bill responding to water crises across the country.

The senator from California says the "Water Justice Act" being introduced Monday is meant to ensure the country's water supply is safe, affordable and sustainable.

Harris would invest nearly $220 billion in clean and safe drinking water programs, with priority given to high-risk communities and schools. Harris wants to declare a "drinking water infrastructure emergency" devoting $50 billion to communities and schools where water is contaminated.

Harris is focusing on the issue as Democratic presidential candidates head to Michigan, where the city of Flint has been rocked by a high-profile water crisis. The NAACP's national convention is in Michigan this week, and the Democratic Party's second set of presidential debates will be in Detroit next week.