Kamala Harris travels to Ohio to urge early voting

Democrat vice-presidential running mate Kamala Harris traveled to Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday to attend a campaign event.Joe Biden's

Video Transcript

KAMALA HARRIS: Joe Biden and I are proud American patriots, and the reality is that the values that we have, I think, are shared by the majority of the American people. When you look at what we all want in terms of knowing people have access to health care, especially in a pandemic where we just make the highest numbers ever with 80,000. He's trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. We're trying to expand it.

Our values about saying we need to lift up working people. Meanwhile, Donald Trump measures the success of the economy based on how rich people are doing and how the stock market is doing.

Ohio's going to help determine the outcome of this election. There's no question. But also, you look at the challenges that Ohioans are facing. Again, when we look at this highest number-- we've had the highest number in Ohio of hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic.

Ohio's been very hard hit. Joe Biden and I have a plan that's about what we need to do around testing, contact tracing, getting the vaccine-- when, God willing, we have one-- to people and getting it to them where they need it and for free.

Ohioans know what it means when we're looking at how this economy has been devastated because of the failure of this administration. Joe and I have a plan for dealing with that. I'm here to talk to the voters in Ohio, but also to listen to them. And there's no question that the path to victory runs through Ohio.