Kane Brown's wife shared their elaborate tour bus and people are loving it

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@katelynbrown via Instagram

It's hard to imagine you would get homesick on Kane Brown’s tour bus.

The country singer’s job has him on the road for a majority of the year. Having to travel with two kids under the age of 3 and their dogs, wife Katelyn Brown made their family tour bus a home away from home.

In an Instagram video, Katelyn Brown showed off their elaborate, customized bus, which is complete with a lounging area, a cozy crib and built-in dog crates.

“All aboard the cutest ride in town! Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy our much-anticipated bus tour,” Brown captioned the March 21 video.

The tour kicks off at the front of the bus, showing where their driver sits and “one of Kane’s favorite spots,” which is the passenger’s seat where he rides shotgun.

The “Thank God” crooner then makes a brief appearance where he shows another one of his top spots on the bus: the reclining sofa chair in the lounging area.

The couple are parents to daughters Kingsley, 3, and Kodi, 1. Katelyn Brown made sure that the vehicle was comfortable and efficient for her kids. She also had “free range” to decorate and pick colors for the bus.

“I wanted it to feel like our home in Nashville a little bit so that when we do transition and we are riding on the bus, we still felt like we are in our house,” she said. “And so I wanted it to feel really light and airy and peaceful with little touches of cedar.”

The mom of two continued with the tour, showing off the kitchen area, bunk beds where her daughter sleeps and even Kodi's baby bunk.

“So everyone’s like, ‘How does a baby sleep on the bus?’ So it’s really cute and cozy. It’s designed just like a crib,” she said. “And then there’s this mesh netting so she can’t roll out of it.”

Among the other big reveals are her and Kane Brown's master bedroom, complete with a private bathroom and shower. Their bed was also built to fit dog crates underneath.

“We built the bed up higher because with the German shepherds, they did customize dog crate built underneath the bed,” she said. “They big, so massive. If we’re off the bus for a show or something and no one’s here supervising, sometimes one of our dog gets a little nervous. He has messed up our last bus before so this is really good to have.”

Katelyn Brown noted that the bus is pretty empty of their personal belongings as they are about to load up and “head out this week for shows.”

The video has been liked nearly 100K times within a day of it being uploaded and 1,500 comments, many of which are gushing about the bus.

"That bus would be heaven on wheels for tours," wrote one commenter, while another added, "The bus looks bigger than my first house."

The country singer has been on the road for his “Drunk or Dreaming” tour, which kicked off in Michigan on March 16. He is set to perform March 23 in Columbus, Ohio, and continue to tour until September.

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