Kangaroo hops through terminal, shuts down part of Melbourne Airport

Dylan Stableford

A kangaroo shut down part of Melbourne Airport on Wednesday when it hopped through a terminal and into a pharmacy, airport officials said.

Customers inside the drug store alerted Australian police, who were forced to lock down part of the Qantas terminal so wildlife workers could tranquilize the wayward kangaroo.

"After a lot of careful coaxing and corralling," Melbourne's 3AW radio reported, "the 'roo was cornered and wrangled into a bag by rescuers."

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, it was injured on a road near the airport.

It is unclear how the animal got into the terminal, but according to Masson, it's not unusual to see kangaroos in the airport's parking lot.

Karen Masson, the chief executive of Wildlife Victoria, told Reuters that the male eastern gray kangaroo — named Cyrus after one of his rescuers — was taken to a veterinary for treatment.

"He has done some damage to his teeth and is severely stressed," Wildlife Victoria said in a Facebook post. "He is resting now and volunteers are monitoring him closely."

"We get calls," Masson said. "There are a lot of 'roos out there."