Kansas City area forecast has low morning, nighttime temperatures this week

Bill Lukitsch
·1 min read

Kansas City area residents can expect “cooler nights” that are coming our way temperature-wise this week as mornings and nights are predicted to be in the 30-degree range, said FOX4 meteorologist Joe Lauria.

Lauria, who provides weather updates for The Star, said temperatures are likely to be in the 30s on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. He added that any one of them could provide some frost to start out the day.

Overall, Lauria predicted “pretty nice” weather for the rest of Tuesday during the daytime before temperatures fall again once the sun goes down. The next predicted chance of rain in the area comes Friday, Lauria said, though the storms are not expected to leave much rainfall behind.

With the colder days in the forecast, Lauria offered a warning to local gardeners: Watch out for frost.

“Cover up those plants,” Lauria said. “Get them inside if you’ve done some planting or got some pots out there, just be on the safe side.”