Kansas City landlord accused of stabbing tenant more than 30 times in ‘horrific’ scene

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Clay County prosecutors have accused a Kansas City landlord in the killing of a tenant who they said was stabbed more than 30 times during an altercation Friday afternoon.

Gordon T. McBeth, 44, is charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the death of of 28-year-old Darryl B. Gilland. Witnesses said the stabbing was unprovoked and occurred after Gilland and his girlfriend messaged McBeth that the heat in their residence was was not working, according to court records.

McBeth is being held in the Clay County Detention Center after failing to post a $1 million bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 2, according to court records.

A GoFundMe to help bury Gilland alongside his grandparents in Indiana was started Sunday

Kansas City police responded to a reported cutting in the 6200 block of North Topping Avenue shortly before 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. Arriving officers found a man who holding McBeth at gunpoint.

Gilland was face down suffering multiple stab wounds on his chest, arms, back and left thigh. Paramedics pronounced Gilland dead at the scene.

It was determined he had more than 30 stab wounds and lacerations. Police recovered a knife allegedly used in the stabbing, according to court records.

Gilland’s girlfriend told detectives they had messaged McBeth, who is their landlord, about their residence not having heat. They also messaged and asked if they could use a space heater.

The woman described to detectives their messages to McBeth were cordial, however, McBeth’s responses turned aggressive. McBeth later messaged the woman, alerting her that he was on his way to the residence, according to court records.

She noticed McBeth arrived driving erratically and parked in the driveway near the rear of the residence. McBeth allegedly threw objects at the woman as he got out of the vehicle. The woman said she hid behind her boyfriend because she was afraid of McBeth, court records stated.

Gilland’s girlfriend said McBeth brandished a long, hunting-style knife from a sheath on his belt as he stood next to Gilland.

She told detectives that McBeth then allegedly pointed the knife at Gilland and said something to the effect, “if that doesn’t work I’ll just (expletive) kill you,” prosecutors allege.

Without provocation, McBeth began stabbing Gilland, she told police.

Neighbors rushed from the street. One man told investigators he heard “horrific screaming” coming from the residence where the stabbing occurred. The man said he saw McBeth “on top” of the victim, holding a black-handled knife, with both hands and repeatedly stabbing the victim, according to court records.

Another neighbor also ran over. He pulled out a handgun and ordered McBeth to stop and lay on the ground.

McBeth was taken into custody after officers arrived. Detectives later obtained video surveillance from a nearby residence that showed McBeth pulling up to the residence where the stabbing occurred, according to court records.

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