Kansas City man found guilty of shooting at wife who crashed into his Harley-Davidson

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A Kansas City man has been found guilty of firing a dozen gunshots at his wife after she damaged his Harley-Davidson motorcycle with their pickup truck.

Jeffrey E. Morgan, 43, was charged with armed criminal action, shooting at a motor vehicle and illegal firearm possession. A Jackson County jury on Friday issued a guilty verdict on all three felony counts.

According to court records, Morgan told investigators he was speaking with three women in a parked car outside the 7-Eleven in the 10600 block of Blue Ridge Boulevard when his wife showed up in the blue pickup.

Morgan got off of his motorcycle and was standing beside the pickup’s driver-side window when she drove forward and knocked over the Harley. He told police she looked at him and smiled before backing off the bike.

As she was driving away, Morgan drew a handgun from his waistband and fired at least a dozen shots, according to surveillance tapes reviewed by investigators. Morgan was then seen leaving the scene on the Harley.

Two bullets struck the truck. Twelve bullet casings were recovered.

Morgan’s wife reported the crime. She told officers she could not see him shooting as she was driving away. But she told them she heard the sound of the gunfire and knew Morgan always carried a gun, court records said.

Officers searched Morgan’s home. They found handgun magazines and hundreds of live bullets for different firearms in the master bedroom. In the garage, there was a black and chrome Harley with damage on its right side.

Morgan was convicted of felony-level drug trafficking and possession of marijuana in 2005, court records showed. His criminal history barred him from legally possessing a gun.

Morgan told investigators at the time that he was defending himself, according to court records.

Morgan is scheduled to be sentenced in September, according to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office. He faces a mandatory sentence of at least 15 years in prison, according to the prosecutor’s office.

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