Kansas presidential preference primary 2024: What to know to cast your vote

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Just like Missouri, the state of Kansas is switching it up this year for how its political parties distribute delegates in the 2024 presidential race.

On March 19, Kansas will hold a presidential preference primary. It’s only the third time in state history this has happened.

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The Kansas Legislature voted in 2023 to have a state-run presidential preference primary this year. The two other times Kansas has done so were 1980 and 1992.

Otherwise, typically Kansas political parties have held caucuses for presidential races. That’s the system Missouri is switching to this year.

What’s a presidential preference primary?

Holding a presidential preference primary is different than a caucus or a typical primary in Kansas. Instead of political parties being responsible for the election, the state will oversee it.

It’s also called a “preference” primary because election boards will give the vote totals to political parties to allocate delegates. Then delegates go on to represent their state at national party conventions to help select a presidential candidate.

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But when Kansas voters head to the polls March 19, it won’t look much different from a traditional election.

Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab said the extra election will cost the state about $5 million. Schwab said it’s going to be expensive, but that counties are expected to be reimbursed for the extra primary.

Who’s on the ballot?

Eight candidates have filed to be on Kansas’ presidential preference primary ballot.

The Democrat candidates are:

  • Dean Phillips

  • Jason Michael Palmer

  • Joseph R Biden Jr.

  • Marianne Williamson

The Republican candidates are:

  • Donald J. Trump

  • Nikki R. Haley

  • Ron DeSantis

  • Ryan L. Binkley

Voters will likely notice a few of these candidates — including Marianne Williamson and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — have already suspended their campaigns. But they’ll still appear on Kansas’ ballot.

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Kansas’ presidential primary is also over two weeks after Super Tuesday on March 5, the date when most states hold their primaries and caucuses. With so many delegates handed out that day, even more candidates could drop out after that.

Important dates

Tuesday, Feb. 20, is the deadline to register to vote in Kansas if you want to cast your ballot in this presidential preference primary. Kansas residents can register to vote online here.

Tuesday is also the deadline if you want to request an advance mail-in ballot. Submit the request through your local election board. You don’t need a reason to vote by mail in Kansas.

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Wednesday, Feb. 28, is the first day of advance voting, but specific dates and times vary by county election office. In-person advance voting ends at noon March 18.

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