Kaplan: Bears 'sound like such losers' after Cardinals loss

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  • Matt Nagy
    Matt Nagy
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Kap: Bears 'sound like such losers' after latest loss originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears have largely fumbled through the 2021 season en route to a 4-8 record. But after the team’s 33-22 loss to the Cardinals on Sunday, Matt Nagy said the team is still dedicated to winning games, rather than focusing on developing young players. While some Bears fans didn’t like to hear that, on NBC Sports Chicago’s “Football Aftershow,” it wasn’t the message that bothered host David Kaplan, it was how he delivered it.

Kaplan started by paraphrasing a moment from Nagy’s post game press conference, starting with a reporter’s question.

“Do you think you could compete with Green Bay on Sunday Night Football,” Kaplan said on “Football Aftershow.” “‘We’re going to try. They got a great quarterback.’ How about, ‘You’re goddamn right we’re going to come there to compete.’ Sorry for swearing on TV, it’s cable. ‘We’re going to be there to compete, and if you don’t think we will, don’t cover the game.’

“God, we sound like such losers. ‘Well, we’re going to try. We’ll get there and Aaron’s really good and I, deep down, think he’s going to beat our ass.’ Really? Come on, man.”

To be fair here’s the complete quote from Nagy when asked how his team finds confidence heading into Green Bay, when they’ve gone 1-5 against teams with a winning record:

“Just keep fighting. Let the guys know we’re in this thing together. So no matter who were playing, whatever their record is, whoever they are一 Green Bay’s another team, top of the league record-wise, unbelievable quarterback and they’re on a roll right now. The only thing we can do is keep fighting and sticking together.

“I know it can sound old. I know it can sound monotonous. I gotcha. But when you’re in these moments, when you’re in that locker room together and you’re fighting together and everyone’s practicing, you’re in meetings together and you go out on that field together, we’re always going to give it everything that we’ve got. That’s all we can do, no matter who we’re playing. It just so happens that they’re up next. They’re a hell of a football team coming off a bye and they’ll be ready too.”

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