Karen Garner Arrest: 3 Loveland Police Officers Who Were Involved Lose Their Jobs, Chief Apologizes

Three officers who were involved in the arrest of Karen Garner last year have resigned from the Loveland Police Department. Police Chief Bob Ticer made the announcement on Friday morning that Austin Hopp, Daria Jalali and Tyler Blackett are no longer employed by his deparment, and he issued a public apology.

Video Transcript

DILLON THOMAS: The aggressive takedown of a dementia patient after she left a Walmart without paying for $14 worth of items drew national attention, and now the Loveland police chief is apologizing for his officers' actions. And three officers involved have resigned.

KAREN LEIGH: They could face charges. Dillon Thomas is in Loveland tonight for us with the follow up to a story you saw first right here on Channel 4. Dillon?

DILLON THOMAS: Yeah, if the video of that initial arrest wasn't bad enough, the chief of police here in Loveland telling me that the video from inside his jail holding center was even more concerning. Today the chief told me that two patrol officers and one community services officer has resigned as that video has now gone from national to international news.

ROBERT TICER: I share the community's concerns on this. I've been in law enforcement 32 years and what I saw in there hurt me personally.

DILLON THOMAS: Concerned over the actions of some of his newest officers, Loveland Police Chief Robert Ticer announced Friday the resignations of three of his own.

ROBERT TICER: Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali along with former community service officer Tyler Blacket are no longer employed with the Loveland Police Department.

DILLON THOMAS: The trio is at the center of videos first broadcast by CBS 4, one showing the forceful arrest of Karen Garner, a 73-year-old with dementia revealing the moment her arm was broken, allegedly by Hopp.

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DILLON THOMAS: The second showing the three laughing while re-watching the body camera footage.

ROBERT TICER: The Loveland Police Department is comprised of men and women that are out there taking calls for service right now, serving with integrity and value. What you saw in the video was not the Loveland Police Department.

DILLON THOMAS: The family's lawyer says they aren't satisfied.

- He didn't announce that he was resigning today. Instead, he announced that they were going to follow the same tired script that is meaningless gestures and no healing to the community and no accountability from the police.

ROBERT TICER: Our goal at the Loveland Police Department has always been to make our community proud. We failed and we are very sorry for that.

DILLON THOMAS: Miss Garner's family has filed a federal lawsuit in this case. The chief of police saying, once again, today that he wasn't aware of the serious injuries in this case until that lawsuit was filed. The charges against Miss Garner have been dropped. Now it's the responding officers in this case who may face charges of their own. Fort Collins police confirming they are now conducting a criminal investigation into those here at Loveland PD. Reporting live in Loveland, Dillon Thomas, covering Colorado First.