Karen Rages At Black Rental Car Employee, Then Plays Victim: 'My White Life Matters'

A Black man who works at Enterprise Rent-A-Car was left befuddled after a white woman came to his job and accused him of discriminating against her. The Enterprise employee, Trey Knotts, revealed his perplexed expression when he uploaded a video of the incident on TikTok.

Knotts kept the camera on himself during the interaction but captured audio of the woman as she complained about being disrespected.

Karen came into my job today and this is how it went…please watch til the end,” Knotts captioned his video.

The clip begins with Knotts telling the woman that he has refused to give her service because of her earlier behavior.

“All right, so, Miss Smith I do want to inform you unfortunately you cannot pick up from this location just based off of our interactions earlier,” the employee said. “I did call my manager and it is my discretion whether — if I want to put you in a vehicle or not, and I’m choosing not to.”

After several seconds of silence, Knotts tells the woman that she can go to a different location if she would like.

The Karen responded with profanity.

“So you’re not just an a**hole, you’re a d**k, too,” she said.

Knotts continued to make his case.

“Ma’am, I gave you a ride to the bank … got you back here … you then said I had a smarta** mouth and if I was your boyfriend you would beat my a**? So, I’m not putting you in a car. Not here,” he said. “Like I said, you can go to a different location, completely fine, but if you want to pick up from [our location], no ma’am, not today.”

The woman came back with sarcasm, as she appeared to be running out of options.

“You are a real, genuine piece of pure joy, really helpful,” she said.

Trying one last desperate attempt to win the argument, the Karen pulled the race card.

“I feel offended,” she said. “I know why you’re doing this. ‘Cause I’m white.”

After Knotts explained that he just provided service to a white customer minutes ago, Miss Smith still insisted that she was facing racism.

“I’m white and you offended me,” she said. “I feel offended.”

Knotts once again reminded the woman of her previous threat, but the Karen continued to circle back to the same baseless statement.

“My white life matters,” she said.

The TikToker expressed his feeling with his two middle fingers in the end as the woman walked out of the business.

@treyknotts Y’all come look at what I have to deal with at work 😂 #karen #karensgoingwild #fyp ♬ original sound – Trey Knotts

Social media users applauded Knotts for how he handled the situation.

“Trey u did a great job with your professionalism but yessss keep telling em NO we not putting up w it any more,” one person wrote.

“Baby her accent told me all I need to know,” another TikTok user said.

“U handled this like a boss,” a third person added.