Kari Lake hints at election fraud, but offers no facts

She puts the goober in gubernatorial race.

While voters were going to the polls in Arizona Tuesday, bombastic Republican candidate Kari Lake hinted that her camp had evidence of fraud in the election that was taking place, but wasn’t willing to share her alleged findings.

MSNBC reporter Vaughan Hillyard pressed Lake on her seemingly unfounded conspiracy theory at an Election Night watch party in Scottsdale, Ariz., where the former Fox reporter blamed him for “destroying America” and vowed to bring back “honest” elections. Lake has claimed she was aware of “some stealing” in the days leading up to her GOP primary.

“You’re already contending that there’s irregularities and fraud in the election,” Hillyard said Tuesday. “At what point does Kari Lake stop and say, ‘Am I undermining Americans’ faith in our elections?’”

After accusing Hillyard of wanting “to make this about you” rather than answering his question, a finger-waving Lake tried to make the discussion about the network where he’s employed.

“The last person on the planet Earth I would tell about what we discovered is you and MSDNC,” she said glaring into the camera.

Critics of MSNBC often combine the network’s name with “DNC,” which stands for Democratic National Committee. Hillyard stayed on topic.

“So you know about a crime and yet you’re not reporting it to the authorities?” Hillyard asked.

Lake responded, “I’m not telling you about it,” but again offered no clues as to who might be tampering with election results or how they might be doing so.

The far-right wing gubernatorial wannabe has consistently pushed the lie that former President Donald Trump — who campaigned for Lake — lost the 2020 election because of voter fraud. There is no evidence to support that claim.

While ballots were still being counted in Arizona’s very tight race Wednesday morning, Lake delivered a speech in Phoenix in which she declared her “war room” had assured her she had the GOP nomination wrapped up. She took the podium with a sledgehammer in hand asking “where is the media?” then threatened to use that tool to smash electronic voting machines.

“We’re getting rid of them,” she declared.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Lake held a razor-thin lead over her opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, but the race remained too close to call. The winner will challenge Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in November’s general election.

The Arizona Republic demanded in an Election Day editorial that win or lose, Lake needs of offer evidence to support her claims of fraud.