A Karla Cuban Bakery and 2 South Florida Publix stores made the Gross Grocers list

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Rarely does a chain put two stores on the Gross Grocers list, although Family Dollar used to make regular runs at it. Imagine the shock when this look at state grocer inspections in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area found a double shot of Publix filth.

How we make this sausage: Unlike Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspections of restaurants, failing doesn’t mean a store gets closed until it passes. But parts of the store can be put under a Stop Use order until the problem gets properly addressed. Obviously, if a place gets enough Stop Use orders, it might not have enough parts it can use to make opening worthwhile.

What follows comes from Florida Department of Agriculture inspection of supermarkets in Miami-Dade and Broward. If you want a place inspected or want to report a problem, don’t email us. Go to the Department of Agriculture website and file a complaint.

We don’t decide who gets inspected or how strictly they get inspected. We report without passion or prejudice, but with a cart full of humor.

And we go in alphabetical order...

Karla Cuban Bakery, 2408 SW 137th Ave., West Miami-Dade: What don’t you want to keep too long, other than a beer ? Yep, food products involving milk and pork. And this place had small containers of rice pudding that were 10 days old, party trays of ham and cheese sandwiches and ham spread sandwiches that had been there nine days and seven days.


There wasn’t a handwash sink in the back area. “Hand washing violations were noted during the visit.”

Kiko’s International Market, 7818 NW 44th St., Lauderhill: In the kitchen, deli and meat areas, “several flying insects flying around cold units, sinks, preparation tables and food processing equipment.”

The deli area meat slicers and the meat area’s meat grinder and band saw machine went more than four hours without being cleaned.

“Packages of salami hanging on hooks above the reach-in cooler at room temperature found at 70 degrees.” That’s bacteria-building warm.

Kwik Pic, 5440 NW 19th St., Lauderhill: “Observed several small grain insects in multiple bags of rice on a retail shelf.”

The backroom ice machine got hit with a Stop Use Order because it had “black, mold-like growth on the inside of the machine next to the ice chute.”

Also, the “door to the toilet room opens directly into the room where ice processing occurs.”

The inspector found no hot water at the kitchen handwashing sink or the kitchen warewashing sink.

Le Macaron, 7835 NW 15th St., Doral: The inspector saw that Le Macaron “manufactures baked goods that contain pork deli meat (ham) without benefit of inspection from the USDA.”

You pays your money, you takes your chances. Come up snake eyes, that ham sandwich is coming up also.

New Marco Foods, 8005 NW 98th St., Hialeah Gardens: “Apparent rodent droppings, too numerous to count, throughout the floor in the dry storage area and on boxes of packaging material.”

Also, the “plastic curtains leading to the walk-in cooler have a heavy build up of dark, mold-like substance. Te tanks of exposed shredded cabbage are moved through said curtains to be chilled in the walk-in cooler.”


Papi’s Supermarket, 13700 NW Seventh Ave., North Miami-Dade: “Multiple flies, too many to count,” dotted the air in the retail area and meat department.

The backroom unisex restroom lacked self-closing doors or covered trash cans.

Somebody thought it would be a great idea to leave “several dozen” pieces of salted pollock, cod, herring and smoked herring on top of a shelf of an open freezer for two days. They measured 54 to 69 degrees and got tossed.

Pharma-Natural, 14100 NW 57th Ct., Miami Lakes: ”Observed in dry storage room, where final product and bulk ready-to-pack products are stored, several rodent droppings along perimeter of north wall, as well as some shredded cardboard gnawed by rodents.”

Publix, 1290 W. 68th St., Hialeah: The inspector saw “several bugs” on retail shelves where the pasta was. Kind of takes the fun out of that weekly BOGO pasta deal.

In the deli department, the inspector found house packed ham croquettes and mini beef patties not cooled enough and the same problem with cut melons in the produce area. All were tossed.

Publix, 13850 SW Eighth St., West Miami-Dade: The inspector found the large floor meat grinder had been in use without cleaning beyond four hours and had, “large meat chunks inside the unit to be ground.”

There were “multiple open packages” of beef bologna, turkey breast and mortadella in the deli with no date on them in the reach-in cooler, an open package of sausages lacking the same information in the walk-in cooler and cooked seafood items in the reach-in cold unit with the same issue.

The bigger problem for all of it was “no employee knew when the packages were first opened.”

Basura, baby.

Victoria Green Market, 4099 NW 31st Ave., Lauderdale Lakes: We’ll skip over the pounds of food that got tossed for being out of temperature control and some of the equipment that wasn’t properly washed and sanitized and get straight to...

“White and green fuzzy mold-like substance found on packages of smoked turkey tail displayed in reach-in standing cooler. Heavily dented cans of coconut milk displayed on retail shelf.”

In the meat/fish processing area, there were so many dead flies in the electric insect control device over the handwashing sink that there were “flying insects falling out.”

There, in the meat/fish processing area, in the retail area and in the warewashing area, there were “small and big flies, too numerous to count, flying around sinks, display coolers, produce shelving and grocery shelving.”

Speaking of shelves, in the meat/fish processing area, “Tongs used for bulk salted meat containers were stored near a dead flying insect on a soiled shelf.”

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