Kat Dennings Gives Fiancé Andrew W.K. A ‘Bridal’ Makeover And It’s Freaking Adorable

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No amount of concealer can cover up this couple’s feelings for each other.

Kat Dennings seems to be amusing herself during a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases by staying home and posting irreverent, yet very good, makeup tutorials to her Instagram page. And over the weekend, the “WandaVision” star hinted to her fans that her fiancé, Andrew W.K., had joined her in the fun, albeit begrudgingly.

“Stay tuned for the makeup video of a lifetime,” she captioned a funny photo of herself and the rocker.

On Monday, Dennings delivered the goods by posting a hilarious tutorial in which she got to live out a makeup lover’s dream by transforming her beau into a blushing bride.

“Now every bride wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day, don’t they?” a grinning Dennings says as she plays with W.K.’s trademark long locks.

After her clearly uncomfortable and shirtless husband-to-be hums out a mmm-hmm, Dennings continues: “So today we’re going to do a beautiful all-seasons bridal makeup on my stunning client, Andrew W.K.”

What unfolds is a video that gives fans their first real look at the dynamic of the couple, who announced their engagement on social media in in May.

In the video, W.K. does a lot of vaping and uttering multiple variations of “Is it done now?” while the “Thor” star merrily brushes eyeshadow and applies mascara onto his face while boasting about how much fun she’s having doing it.

All the while, the two share a few sweet moments, and although W.K.’s face during the video can only be described as totally awkward, he does light up every now and again when Dennings flirts with him.

At the end of the video, Dennings tops off the “Party Hard” singer’s look with a white veil. 

“An absolutely stunning bridal look,” Dennings proudly declares at the video’s conclusion. 

“That can take you from spring to winter. I mean, frankly—” Dennings says before bursting out laughing.

Here’s just hoping W.K. rocks this specific look on their big day.

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