Kate Beckinsale Jokes She Looks 'Exactly' Like Ryan Reynolds: 'I Really See Myself in Him'

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Kate Beckinsale has found her doppelgänger.

The actress, 46, recently appeared on The Tonight Show where she told host Jimmy Fallon that she’s a dead-ringer for an unlikely fellow celebrity.

“I look exactly like Ryan Reynolds,” Beckinsale said. “Like in a shocking way. Like, when sometimes, I see a bus going by with a poster on it I think, ‘Damn, I look hot. Oh, wait, that’s not me. Also, I’ve never done that movie.'”

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Fallon said he doesn’t “really see it,” prompting Beckinsale to say she understands how it’s a hard sell.

“I’ve wrestled with how, obviously, he’s not even like a sort of slightly-girly-boy-bander type,” Beckinsale continued. “He’s like a big Canadian man and I really see myself in him.”

The similarity is so intense that Beckinsale joked she can’t even work with Reynolds.

“I can’t be in the same room as him because one of us, I think, would explode, or something would happen,” Beckinsale said.

Beckinsale also joked about a supposed controversy going on in her home country about her having a prosthetic leg.

“My mom texted me and said that in England, people think I’ve got a fake leg,” she said. “I did a video of myself in the gym stretching and I’m quite flexible, so now there’s a thought that possibly I’ve got a pretend leg. Which if I have, I’ve kept it awfully quiet for decades.”

After Fallon showed the video and joked that it’s “something you’d do to a Barbie doll,” Beckinsale explained that she’s always been able to stretch very far.

“I’ve always been like that,” she said. “I did a lot of ballet as a kid and now I can cause worry about a fake leg.”

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