Kate Beckinsale Is Not Happy With Her Disney Character on Instagram

Gary Trock

Everyone is doing it, even celebrities. Kate Beckinsale is the latest person to spin the digital wheel of Disney characters on Instagram and see who she most resembles, and unfortunately, she didn't come up with any of the Disney princesses. The "Underworld" star shared a video Monday while trying out the Disney Character generator filter on Instagram that lets people find out, "Which Disney Are You?"

People have been going crazy for the social media slot machine, which serves up a wide range of characters from The Genie in "Aladdin," to Ursula in "The Little Mermaid."


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Hakuna Matata!

Beckinsale was probably hoping to land on Queen Elsa, but she got one of Disney's most beloved stars from "The Lion King."

"BREAKING NEWS I’m a large warty male pig #loyalyetfarty," Beckinsale wrote as the Disney filter served her up Pumbaa!

Even though she didn't seem thrilled with the choice, Pumbaa is not a bad character -- he's known for his positive attitude and sense of humor, as well as being beloved by Disney fans around the world. Plus he gets to enjoy all the snacks he can find.

Fans Love It

Fans thought that Beckinsale would make the cutest Pumbaa around, and flooded her Instagram post with love.

"Well....your the most beautiful warty one then," one fan commented.

Another suggested, "Maybe that’s your spirit animal," while a third joked the comparison may be "pretty consistent if you like gummy worms."

However, some fans did feel like Beckinsale was worth more than a warthog and told the star, "That’s wrong !!!"

Beckinsale joins other celebs who have been using the Disney filter, like the late Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams. She made headlines by using the filter and actually getting The Genie.

Identity Crisis

Pumbaa isn't the only one giving Kate Beckinsale a hard time recently as she also felt she had a striking similarity to Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler. After a photo of the "Sweet Emotion" singer went viral, Beckinsale couldn't help but get in on the action and left a hilarious self-deprecating comment.

"Legit thought that was me," she wrote on the Instagram post.

At least Beckinsale already knows the answer for whenever the "Which Aerosmith Member Are You?" Instagram filter is developed.