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At 43, Kate Hudson's Killer Abs In Heels And A Bikini In This IG Video Are 👀

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  • Kate Hudson knows she's a versatile gal, and she just proved it with a new Instagram video modeling Stuart Weitzman shoes.

  • The actress, 43, rocks a white bikini which she transitions into a little black dress, and her abs and legs are incredibly toned.

  • Kate is a big breakfast gal, and she loves getting a sweat in early in the morning.

Kate Hudson has nailed the transition from bikini to little black dress this summer. In a new Instagram post, the Almost Famous actress, 43, modeled a white bikini before slipping into her LBD, which she paired with a sparkly pair of Stuart Weitzman crystal bow heels—and her abs and legs are super strong. Like, sculpted, washboard strong.

"From bikini to LBD. Perfect shoe for a summer quick change 😉🎀 @stuartweitzman," she captioned the video.

Her fans were all about this sexy transition from beach to night out. "Stunning 😍," one user commented. "❤️❤️❤️," Stuart Weitzman's account added. Another succinctly summed up everyone's thoughts: "Goddess!"

But, uh, how does Kate keep those long, long legs so toned and those abs so sculpted? Well, Kate is big on getting in some killer workouts with her personal trainer Brian Nguyen. Last month, she showed off a grueling sled workout that she finished with him.

And back in November, they got in another session with even more sled pulls and pushes. I mean, Kate is a total beast! Sled pushes take serious strength.

It helps that the star has her own home gym that she utilizes a ton. Last December, her daughter Rani Rose joined her for a kettlebell workout.

In 2021, Kate told People that she needs “to be moving to feel good,” adding, “even just making time for a little movement every day—going for a walk, doing a few minutes on the treadmill, some Pilates, or if I have more time for it, I love hot yoga."

When it comes to nourishing her body, Kate previously shared with Women's Health that she's a fan of intermittent fasting and eats mostly plant-based foods. She also recently shared with WH that she focuses a lot on her morning fuel.

"I have warm water and black coffee. Then I work out and then I’ll do a heavy protein smoothie with all this in it. I don’t like pills, personally. So when I get a handful of pills to take three times a day, I feel really overwhelmed…You can throw these [powders] in a smoothie where you’ll be more likely to do that than take a daily vitamin,” she tells Women’s Health.

Her go-to breakfast smoothie is The Berry Brekkie Smoothie, which has oat milk, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, mint, banana, honey, and lemon juice that she tops off with her brand InBloom's protein powders.

Oh, and Kate also loves a good casserole (and some wine).

I need that recipe, stat!

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