Kate Middleton and Prince William Are YouTubers Now

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are pivoting to video.

On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced the launch of their official YouTube page — "better late than never," as they said.

Their video breaking the news included a new clip of the two of them sitting on the couch, with Middleton in a black turtleneck and her husband in a blue knit sweater over a collared shirt.

"By the way, be careful what you say now because these guys, they're filming everything," he said while pointing to the camera.

"I know!" Middleton responded with a laugh.

The rest of the video included footage from their previous royal engagements, including one of the duchess shooting a bow and arrow, and Prince William flying a helicopter.

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So far, their official YouTube page only has the one video up, but it also includes playlists of videos from the Royal Family's official YouTube account, which consists of speeches given by the duke and duchess, as well as virtual appearances they made during the coronavirus pandemic.

Is it too early to ask for a Kate Middleton clothing haul or hair tutorial video?

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