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Kate Winslet discusses difficulties of mastering her Delco accent in 'Mare of Easttown'

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Kate Winslet chats with USA TODAY's Patrick Ryan about her new HBO series "Mare of Easttown" and the various accents she's used throughout her career.

Video Transcript

KATE WINSLET: We've, Patrick, we've met before, I feel like I've been in your kitchen before.

RALPHIE AVERSA: Virtually, of course. Gotta lot of work from home, and gotta love of chatting with Kate Winslet about her new HBO series. Winslet stars in "Mare of Easttown." She plays a detective investigating a local murder in a town just outside of Philadelphia. And she chatted about that Delaware County accent and more with our Patrick Ryan.

KATE WINSLET: And I did work with a coach, because I just would never assume that I can teach myself how to authentically do a voice from somewhere.

- Why do they call you Lady Hawk?

KATE WINSLET: I made a shot in a basketball game.

- Must have been some shot.

KATE WINSLET: Around here, yeah. But just being there, you know, being there, being around those people and absorbing not just the dialect, but just the rhythms, the speech patterns and the register and this pace at which they speak sometimes, and how they smoosh words together in really interesting ways.

PATRICK RYAN: You mentioned that the two words that you were like really focused on getting right were water and hoagie.

KATE WINSLET: Water, hoagie.

PATRICK RYAN: Yeah. Would do you say this is like the hardest accent that you've had to do, in comparison to like Polish or German or?

KATE WINSLET: It's out there in like the top three hardest. Every day I was absolutely chipping away at it and shaping it and changing it and trying to get it better all the time.

PATRICK RYAN: You've said in the past that you think your American accent in "Titanic" is awful. Do you still feel that way?

KATE WINSLET: Yes. I can hear me doing it. I think by the time I did "Eternal Sunshine," like I was getting it, it felt like it was just integrated more. And now I don't notice myself doing it now.