Kate Winslet returns to film set after hospitalisation

Kate Winslet at the Emmys in 2021 (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello) (AP)
Kate Winslet at the Emmys in 2021 (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello) (AP)

Kate Winslet has returned to work after an accident on the set of her new film, Lee, in Croatia.

The actor was admitted to hospital after an on-set accident, but resumed filming this week as scheduled, according to Deadline.

“Kate slipped and was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure required by the production,” her representatives said. “She is fine and will be filming, as planned, this week.”

Winslet portrays Lee Miller in Lee, a female photojournalist working for Vogue during the Second World War, who posed in Adolf Hitler’s bathtub and documented the horrors of Nazi Germany. The director is Ellen Kuras, who recently made Inventing Anna for television and also is a distinguished cinematographer.

Winslet is joined by Jude Law, Marion Cotillard, Andrea Riseborough and Josh O’Connor.

The 46-year-old previously spoke about the project, clarifying that the film was not a biopic.

“To make a story about Lee’s whole life, that’s a series worth for HBO,” she said. “What we wanted to do was find the most interesting decade in her life, the one that defined who she was and what she became because of what she went through.

“It was the period from 1938 to 1948 that took her right through the war and her most defining time. That is the story we want people to know about Lee more than the many other parts of her life.”

Winslet also has a role in Avatar: The Way of Water, which is scheduled to come out this December.

The first Avatar came out 13 years ago and it holds many box-office records, including the title for the overall highest-grossing film, having made more than $2.8 billion.