Kate Winslet reveals fears 'bad' skin would ruin 'flawless' Titanic make-up

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Kate Winslet has opened up about suffering from hormonal skin breakouts as she's got older. (Getty Images)

It was her breakthrough role – but Kate Winslet has revealed her hidden worries while on the set of the Titanic.

The actress, 45, admitted in a new interview her fears that her "bad" hormonal skin breakouts would ruin character Rose's "flawless" make-up look in the 1997 film.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph's Stella magazine, the mother-of-three said: "We had to pray that my skin wasn’t going to be bad."

She noted: "Luckily my skin was very good on that film. It was a time in my life when my hormones were behaving."

The actress played Rose in the 1997 film Titanic. (Getty Images)
The actress played Rose in the 1997 film Titanic. (Getty Images) (CBS via Getty Images)

Winslet – who is married to the nephew of Sir Richard Branson, Edward Abel Smith – also opened up about how her complexion hasn't always remained clear as she's got older.

Noting the pressure, as a Hollywood red carpet regular, to always "look the part", she said: "I have gone through times of my life where my skin has been bad, that happened to me when I was 30.

"I suddenly had this hormonal shift and for about a year my skin was really not good at all.

"That was quite depressing."

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The Mare Of Easttown star revealed she was able to get things under control by focusing on her overall wellbeing.

Winslet explained: "I just try to stay really healthy. I mean not obsessively so, just everything in moderation. I don’t believe in diets, but I think as you get older, you do have to pay a little bit more attention to what you put into your body, and I just know what makes me feel well.

"If I have one too many glasses of rosé, I will pay for it the next day, sadly. It will show on my face."

She added that, while filming the intense part of Mare Sheehan in the new crime drama, she exercised at home using a Peloton bike - upon which she would "sweat, yell, and...cry sometimes, and just get it all out".