By Kaye Foley

To 4K or not to 4K — that’s the question on every TV viewers’ mind this holiday season.

4K, also known as Ultra High Def, is the newest frontier in television viewing. 4K provides more depth and sharper detail due to a much higher resolution. That clear resolution is achieved through an increased number of pixels. 4K has four times as many pixels as the previous leading resolution, Full HD. With Full HD, viewers could pick out individual blades of grass, but with 4K, they’ll see individual strands of fine hair.

Before buying, it’s good to note that there isn’t much to watch yet. While Amazon Prime and Netflix have started to stream a few shows, cable providers aren’t carrying 4K channels.

Critics argue that 4K TVs are too expensive and not necessary for the home as the quality difference is noticeable only on a huge screen or very close up. Also, streaming 4K content takes up a lot of bandwidth and requires a faster Internet connection that what most people have.

Still, the rollout is gathering momentum, and many see 4K as the TVs of the future. So whether Santa brings you a 4K or not, after watching this video you can say, “Now I Get It.”