Sunni vs. Shia Muslims in Iraq

Katie Couric
Global Anchor
Sunni vs. Shia Muslims in Iraq

By Katie Couric

The disagreement between Sunnis and Shias dates back to 632 A.D. when the two main Muslim groups split over who should lead them after the Prophet Mohammed died.
Fast forward to 2014, and the struggle is about religion, politics and boundaries.
The vast majority of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are Sunni, in countries like Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Shia Muslims are actually a tiny minority overall. In Iran and Iraq, Shias are in charge.
Terrorist group ISIL has been making headlines in recent weeks for their brutal attacks on Iraqi cities. The group wants to create a Sunni Muslim state governed by Sharia law. Right now, their goal is regional, but experts believe they may soon begin exporting terrorism around the globe.
It’s a complicated situation and a big problem for the U.S. and the entire region. How it will all play out remains to be seen, but hopefully after you watch this video you’ll say, #NowIGetIt.