Kay, Update: Olivia O’Brien Says She Never Actually Dated Pete Davidson

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Photo credit: Instagram - Getty Images
Photo credit: Instagram - Getty Images

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Hello and welcome to part three in “Did Pete Davidson and Olivia O’Brien Date?” The answer: apparently not? Just to catch everyone up on this whole thing, Deuxmoi semi-recently posted a blind that everyone assumed was about Olivia, Pete, and Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor:

“I have it on good authority that Pete and Phoebe are in fact an item. He ended things with B-list pop star/influencer he had been seeing before Phoebe.”

Olivia then went on the BFFs With Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry podcast, was asked about the blind, and said, “Um, yeah, we, we—um, that’s true. Nice guy.” She also said that Pete is a “really sweet guy” and that they were chatting in October 2020. “He texted me and was like, ‘I’m seeing someone else so I can’t,’” she said, later adding, “I cannot believe you guys found that, that’s really crazy, you’re the first people to ever ask me about that, and I really thought that no one knew about that. Breaking news. Oh, god…two years later.”

Cut to Pete, who had his rep tell E! News that “there is no truth to this” and that Pete and Olivia “were friends and hung [out] a few times.”

And now, Olivia has clarified and expanded on her comments. According to Page Six, she posted an Instagram Story on Friday that said, “News outlets are taking things I said in an interview (after being asked a VERY specific question) wayyy out of context. I never claimed to date anyone. Stop trying to start weird drama over me texting someone 2 years ago. Jesus Christ.”

Listen to Olivia’s full interview below:

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