Kayaker in critical condition after falling into the Sacramento River

(FOX40.COM) — A 50-year-old man is in critical condition at a Sacramento hospital after being rescued from the Sacramento River on Thursday morning, according to the Sacramento Fire Department.

The man was spotted in the river at around 9:15 a.m. by an employee at a nearby marina.

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He was spotted about a quarter-mile north of the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers.

While calling 911, the marina owner also attempted to throw a life ring at the man, but he was too weak to swim over and reach the ring.

After reporting the incident to first responders, the employee jumped into a pontoon boat and was able to stop the man’s body from floating downstream, according to fire officials.

The man’s body was in the water for an estimated 20 to 30 minutes by the time rescuers arrived on-scene and began providing medical care.

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He was taken in an ambulance to an area hospital while undergoing CPR and is still reported to be in critical condition.

According to fire officials, the kayaker was not wearing a life jacket when he was found in the water.

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