Kayaker dies on Lake Massabesic

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May 19—A person died on Lake Massabesic early Monday morning, state officials said.

The New Hampshire Marine Patrol said the unnamed male went into the water about 4 a.m. and began to struggle. Attempts to save him were unsuccessful. Authorities logged an emergency call at 6:18 about an unconscious kayaker on Brown's Island, Marine Patrol said.

The largest island on the lake, Brown's Island is located toward the middle of the western half of the lake. The lake, which provides drinking water to the greater Manchester area, straddles the Manchester-Auburn town line.

Authorities said the two people had gone kayaking at 2 a.m. There were no personal flotation devices in either boat.

Officials say that water temperatures are still cold and state law requires all boaters to have a life jacket with them at all times when on the water. Children 12 and younger must wear a life jacket when boating on public waters.

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