These KC area schools will cancel classes if there is a Super Bowl parade next week

Some school districts in the Kansas City area have already announced they will cancel classes if there is a Super Bowl parade for the Chiefs this year.

Kansas City Public Schools said in a letter to parents that it will close schools on Feb. 14 for the parade in the event of a Chiefs victory.

“Due to the expected extreme traffic around town, normal school bus operations may be impacted, making it challenging for us to conduct classes as usual,” the district said in the letter. “We want to give our families and staff ample time to prepare in case of a victory.”

Although the Kansas City Sports Commission has not announced official plans for a parade in the event of a Chiefs victory, in past years they have occurred on the Wednesday after the game.

Additional details will be sent out to families via email on Monday, which will confirm the school district’s status for the parade day and more details on how this will impact the district, Shain Bergan, public relations coordinator for Kansas City Public Schools, said in a statement.

The Independence Public School District said on Facebook that it will cancel schools on Feb. 14 if the Chiefs win, and would make up the “red” snow day on April 29.

Other school districts have not announced if they will close on the day of the parade.