KC man charged after allegedly shooting man who was later found dumped at intersection

A Kansas City man was charged on Friday after a homicide victim was shot, dumped from a vehicle, and left in the street, according to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office.

Ibrahim Abdikarim Sharif Ahmed, 38, is facing charges of second-degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon and two counts of armed criminal action.

The victim, 30-year-old Abdullahi Yussuf, was found lying unresponsive near the intersection of Independence Avenue and Olive Street on Wednesday evening, according to prosecutors.

Video surveillance obtained by The Star shows a vehicle, a red Dodge Challenger, stopping in the middle of the road around 8:50 p.m. and driving away minutes later. The man’s body can be seen after the Challenger leaves.

Kansas City police arrived on the scene just before 9 p.m.

Yussuf was taken to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, prosecutors say.

According to documents filed in Jackson County Circuit Court, a witness told detectives a group drove to a McDonald’s on Independence Avenue around 7 p.m. that evening before dropping another passenger off at an apartment complex.

After leaving the complex, the victim allegedly told Sharif Ahmed, who was driving, to be careful because he was “messing up the car.” Sharif Ahmed allegedly responded that it was fine.

The witness told detectives she put her head down to finish a text message when she heard five gunshots. She looked up and saw Yussuf’s face covered in blood.

While Sharif Ahmed continued to drive, he allegedly told the witness to get Yussuf’s body out of the car. The witness told detectives she was afraid, so she helped push the victim onto the street.

After, the witness asked Sharif Ahmed if he could drop her off near her home. Sharif Ahmed then allegedly fired several shots out through the passenger window before stopping in the area of her apartment, where the witness exited the Challenger and contacted police.

Another witness who was allegedly with Sharif Ahmed earlier that night told detectives that Sharif Ahmed had been acting strange and “continually laughing like a child,” prosecutors say.

Sharif Ahmed remains in custody. Prosecutors have requested a $150,000 bond.