KDKA-TV Afternoon Forecast (2/23)

Stay on top of local weather with meteorologist Kristin Emery’s 7-day forecast!

Video Transcript


KRISTINE SORENSON: Kind of a gray, ugly start to the day. But at least it's warmer than it's been. We'll count that as a good plus. Let's go to Kristin and see more weather, warmer weather to come.

KRISTIN EMERY: Absolutely. We're on the right trend. We're on the right path here, Kristine, going in the right direction. And believe it or not, look how much brighter it is. Even since the top of our newscast, we're actually seeing a bit of clearing. And we've had reports of a few patches of sun, especially South of I-70 as you go down toward Washington, Waynesburg, Morgantown, we're getting a little bit of a shadow here. So maybe a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon with still some clouds winning out.

But it'll be breezy. And it's fairly mild out there. 42 degrees, the current temperature. Mostly cloudy at the airport still. Look at these winds, west-southwest at 15, gusting up to 23 miles per hour. That's giving us just a little bit of a windchill. Feels like the mid to upper 30s out there. Still, will take that compared to those single digits we had the other day.

Look at the 40s around the area. Only Indiana and Greensburg and Clarion are still in the upper 30s. Somerset is down to 34. But everyone else into the 40s, Cranberry and Waynesburg at 43, along with Wheeling. 44 in Morgantown. Look at this over into Eastern Ohio, Cambridge is all the way up to 46. That's a little hint at where we're headed for tomorrow.

First we have to get through these breezy conditions. Winds about 10 to 15 miles per hour sustained out of the west-southwest. And look at the gusts, 24 to 23 miles per hour. It's been breezy all evening, last evening, all night, and this morning. Still looking at those conditions lingering this afternoon before the winds start to die down a bit tonight.

So here's a wider look, satellite radar loop, really not much going on. We see these showers that came through this morning, a little snow, little rain. They're all gone now. That little clipper system is exiting over into Eastern Pennsylvania. And we're left with a nice, quiet, dry pattern for tonight and for the first half of tomorrow.

So Futurecast takes us into just cloudy skies for the rest of tonight. You see by 6:00 PM, we're still hanging right there in the upper 30s to lower 40s. So maybe another degree or two of warmth this afternoon but staying fairly steady.

Tonight we only drop down to the upper 20s, lower 30s for overnight lows. A little bit of cloud cover rolls back in tomorrow. Look at the warm air soaring in. 50 to 51 for highs for many of us. Morgantown may even reach the mid-50s. And then we get just a little chance of a sprinkle tomorrow after 3 o'clock. Best chance would be between around 4:00 to 7:00 PM. A couple of rain showers or sprinkles in spots. And then we're back to just dry weather.

A little step back in temperatures as we head toward Thursday, Friday, back to average in the lower 40s. But we have nice, dry air as a bonus. So today, 43, mostly cloudy, peeks of sunshine here and there. It'll be breezy this afternoon.

And then here's your seven-day forecast. How about 52 for February 24? We're looking at a couple of showers tomorrow evening. And then as we round out February, not too bad. We're back to the 40s for Thursday, Friday, but lots of sunshine. 50 again Saturday and close to it on Sunday. A couple of showers sneak in here Saturday night through Monday. Kristine?