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- So some are certainly experiencing the rain right now. But are we going to have any issues with the rain? Because some of those heavy downpours yesterday caused issues in certain neighborhoods.

RON SMILEY: Yeah, and that's what we're expecting again today. When you have high humidity levels we know that the dew point at the surface, moisture is high and it extends all the way through the atmosphere where we have fairly high levels of moisture as well. Yes, you are going to have those downpours that will be possible again today. It's going to be hit or miss, so some folks you probably aren't going to see a lot, other places could be just the neighborhood over sees a lot of rain. So you just have to be aware of that.

We do know that the best chance for rain is going to be for places further down to the South, especially South of I 70. But everyone really from Butler County down to the South will have a chance for some localized downpours. And it really gets going at around 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Hey temperatures this hour at 79. At the Pittsburgh Airport showing it mostly cloudy. I actually had it mostly cloudy for the day. I've rolled back those clouds, because I think if you look outside you probably think it's more partly cloudy at this point.

Wind is calm, it should pick up just a little bit coming in out of the Southeast for the afternoon. And the dew point hits near 70 degrees. So once again, it is high. And in fact that layer of moisture extends all the way through the atmosphere. Barometer ticking down, it's at 29.99 hundredths of an inch at this point. So just below 30 inches. That's a little bit, just slightly on the low side as we're heading into the afternoon.

Here's a look at those temperatures for you. 79 in Pittsburgh, just slightly above a really ahead of where I had us going into the afternoon. 79 in Cranberry. Beaver Falls, 79. It's already 81 in the Waynesburg area. And we're going to continue to see temperatures going up from here.

So highs back in the mid 80s today. Rain developing South of I 70 already. I'm about to show you a radar. And the best chance for rain, even with the rain that's developing right now, happens just after 4 o'clock.

I want to take you down to the Fayette County area. There's Menallen. There's a Uniontown area as well. You could see some of that rain. Notice the direction that this rain is heading, it's actually heading off to the Northwest. Unusual direction, here's that line that has developed. It's going to start to lift off to the North. We should see some intensification there as well.

And this is all because of that broad area of low pressure, that once again is pumping in the moisture our way. So we're going to see downpours, some places probably aren't going to see a lot. Look at the Wheeling area through 7 o'clock to morning. But other areas like maybe Pittsburgh, over an inch of rain. And we could have some spots that sees even more than that. So just be aware downpours are expected.

85, your afternoon expected high temperature today. Temperatures most likely North of I 70 will be a little bit warmer than those down to the South. And here's how I think the day breaks down, the rest of the day. I'll put the 4 o'clock temperature there at 84 and 77 at 7 o'clock tonight.

Here's your seven day. Not as warm as the upper low gets the closest it's going to get to us on Friday. 78 your expected high, but then we're back up into the mid 80s for highs. But check out the morning lows, dipping just a little bit, especially on Saturday morning. So a little bit of a break from the heat before we warm back up heading into next week.