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Video Transcript

SPEAKER 1: Well, it would be wonderful to start the weekend with some warmth, but it looks like we're going to be chilling out in more ways than one, Stacey.

KEITH STACEY: Yeah, it's kind of like that Butch Cassidy song. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Raindrops keep falling. I just did some talking to the sun. I said I didn't like the way he'd got things done. Ray, can you talk to the sun and get some sunshine and warmer temperatures here any time soon?

RAY PETELIN: I did. The sun's not accepting my calls. But I think if you let me work at it for a little bit, middle of next week we might be able to pull something off. I'm going to pull some strings. My people are going to talk to his people. And we'll see what we can work out. But in the meantime, we're going to be talking with Old Man Winter. The light snow continues. This is just that. Those flakes that remind you that it's cold outside, blowing in the wind, and coming in with the very cold temperatures.

Now we have a windchill. I'm showing you this first, so when you see the actual temperature you feel a little better about it. You're probably not going to feel much better about it. 15 in Pittsburgh is what it feels like with the windchill. 15 for Washington, Indiana as well. 13 for Butler. 13 for Franklin. The actual temperatures, 24 in Pittsburgh. 25 Washington, Waynesburg, Morgantown, Cranbury. These temperatures are very cold. We even have some teens looking up into Oakland right now. So already very cold there.

Couple of flakes in Pittsburgh. You can see them just gently blowing in the wind here downtown. But a very cold scene as we look across the Allegheny. Our winds are at five to ten right now out of the WNW. That makes that 24 feel like 15 degrees. But it's just cold enough on its own, where wind chills are just a little more insult to the injury. And tomorrow's temperature, only 23 degrees for a high. So we're not going to see much of a difference between what we had today and what we're getting tomorrow.

Now into Sunday, after a very frigid start, likely single digit start, we're going to see those temperatures start to inch upward. Normal is 41. We get back above average by the time we get into the middle of next week. That day actually comes with a little bit of that sunshine. So I think the middle of next week is looking fantastic. The rest of the forecast, well, we have some things to talk about here.

First and foremost, we have high pressure moving by just to our South. Typically, this would clear you out, clear out the area, make it look nice and bright. However, this is going to have those winds dragging across the lakes. And with that the case, we're going to still keep a couple of flakes in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. The ice is starting to take over Lake Erie, so that's helping slow that down a little bit. But we'll still have some flurries as a result of this.

Now into Sunday, the winds will change up enough where we'll actually get a little sunshine trying to break out. However, the cold start is going to leave our temperatures held back a little bit for the afternoon. While we'll get into the mid 30s, and while that will be a big warm up for the day, it's not going to be a warm day.

Then into Sunday night and early Monday, we have this next system moving in. This is looking to start off as some snow for the early part of your morning commute, and as rain for the later part of the commute, as some warm air pulls in with this next system. But the early part of your commute could come with some slick conditions. We're watching Monday real closely for that. But we're not looking at giant accumulations. Just one of those bad time systems.

Now 13 tonight. Cloudy and cold with a few flakes mixed in there. Come tomorrow, temperatures back in the low to mid 20s. We're going to really struggle to get to the mid 20s tomorrow. So it will be a very cold start to your weekend. And just know it's going to be a pretty gray looking day as well. So not the best Chamber of Commerce weather for sure. Come Sunday, temperatures will bounce back into the mid 30s. We will see some sunshine, especially for the early part of the day. Those clouds will build back in with that next system that brings the snow and rain for Monday.

Still a few flakes left over early Tuesday. Wednesday of next week, 45 degrees with partly cloudy skies coming with it. A beautiful looking day there. At least, that's the best way a 45 degree day can look. At least this winter. And with all this going on, remember the KDKA Weather app is available for free in your App Store and Google Play. You get the forecast, you get the radar, you get a future cast, you get alerts all for free. Just search CBS Pittsburgh.