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Video Transcript

JOHN SHUMWAY: Yeah, it's been cold but not cold enough to make that kind of thick ice you need to drive a car out there.

KYM GABLE: Yeah, exactly.

JOHN SHUMWAY: We have some warmer weather headed this way too.

KYM GABLE: Yeah, am I dreaming, Ray Petelin, or did I hear you say a little bit earlier temperatures in the 40s and sunshine?

RAY PETELIN: In the 40s and sunshine certainly on the way. And one other thing I want to point out, if you have a window and you've been looking out the window, you may have noticed something today. The sun set at 6 o'clock for the first time in a long time. And the days are only getting longer. We're getting closer to spring.

We have a little winter to get through first, and that's mainly going to be sequestered to the ridges. We do have some light snow that's going to try to pass through Pittsburgh tonight, but this is not going to cause many issues. Now, getting to the south, you could see getting up into Preston County, this is where we have some of the heavier snow right now, just a few flakes trying to show up towards Waynesburg and Washington.

And a little snow that's going to push in towards Newcastle, towards Ellwood City, towards Beaver, towards Hooke's Town, Allequippa. That's going to get a little brush with that snow as well. So we have a little more to get through tonight. But for most of us, it's going to amount to an inch or less. And in most cases, we're talking the, or less. As you get up into the ridges, can't rule out another inch or two before this snow comes to an end. So we're going to be dealing with this through the night.

Tonight, futurecast here shows that the snow just kind of scattered around, especially up in the ridges. You get that push of winds up the ridges, and that squeezes out that little extra moisture. We call that orographic lift. You call it snow. It's coming down as snow because of that-- excuse me-- and we're to keep that snow on and off through the night and into the day tomorrow. So we're not quite done with the snow. It's just going to be light and sporadic and not causing too many issues for the day tomorrow.

Once we get into the weekend, some pretty quiet conditions take over, but cloudy conditions stick with us. We'll get a few peeks of sunshine on Sunday. The clouds come back, though, late Sunday, and that's out ahead of our next round of precipitation, which is some rain and snow. But that's a sign that that warmer air is pushing towards us. So as that warmer is lifting in, it's going to kick up a little precipitation. And our temperatures are still borderline and have been very cold, so it's initially going to start off as rain and snow.

28 degrees right now in Pittsburgh. It feels like 22 once you factor in those light easterly winds, so a little bit of a windchill, and that's going to stick with us for the next few days. Temperatures are generally in these upper 20s, a little warmer down to the south. Waynesburg and Morgantown, you're talking lower 30s.

And tomorrow, well, we could have a few snowflakes early in the commute. We're not looking at anything too problematic. You might have to brush off your car after tonight's snow, but clouds for most of the day. And I'm not anticipating any major issues. Only issues should be isolated, and that would be because of the very cold temperatures and any melting that took place today.

25 tonight. A few light snow showers around then into tomorrow. We'll get those temperatures back to the low 30s, well below the 40-degree average for this time of year, and this does come with a few flakes attached. And look at the next seven days. We have a lot of clouds in the forecast. We have cold temperatures all the way through the weekend. Normal is 40. We get close to that on Monday.

Looks like Tuesday is the first day we hit normal type temperatures with even some early snow with those temperatures around 30. Well, that snow trying to show up there. And then, once we get into Wednesday, I think this is the day where all the good stuff comes together. You get a little sunshine, you get a little warm-up. Temps mid-40s, a little above average, but that is looking like the best day of the entire forecast.

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