KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (2/20)

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Video Transcript

- But Kristin Emery, we do have some bone-chilling temperatures on the way tonight, don't we?

KRISTIN EMERY: We have some very cold temperatures on the way again tonight. Single digits for many folks.

And so, as we talk about so often, you might want to leave a little trickle of water so the pipes don't freeze. Make sure you bring the pets inside. We are going to have temperatures for one night that are very cold, and then there's a little bit of improvement.

You can see the camera moving a little bit with breezy conditions downtown. We're at 22 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. Feels like 9 when you factor in that wind.

And with the temperatures tonight dropping into the single digits, it won't be windy. But even that slight breeze we get tomorrow morning, the wind chills then will be at or just below zero. So make sure you bundle up if you're headed out early.

We're already down into the teens in Butler, at 19 degrees, along with Indiana. Look at Somerset, down to 14 degrees. Elsewhere, everyone hanging in the lower 20s right now with mostly cloudy skies and still a few snow showers and light flurries. These have really died out in the past hour. A few flurries left in through portions of northern and central Butler County, over into Armstrong County, and up into Lawrence County.

Otherwise, we're looking at gradual drying tonight and clearing skies. Overnight, we will see those temperatures really dip with the clear skies, that influx of cold air. No clouds to insulate us, so we'll dip down close to 8 degrees for the morning low.

Here's a look at FutureCast. You see the clouds start to roll out just a bit after 11:00. So partly cloudy to clear skies when you wake up tomorrow morning. Now the good news is once the sun comes up it'll be very cold, but we'll have some nice sunshine to start your Sunday morning. First half of the day, it will be sunny. Clouds return late afternoon and evening.

And here we go with a couple of flurries or snow showers in spots late tomorrow night. It'll most likely be early Monday morning. Here's 4:00 AM, just in time for the morning rush. Another shot of possibly an inch or so of snow, but look how quickly we warm up.

Here comes that good news I was talking about. Warm air pushes in from the south, and by 8:00, 9:00 AM, this all changes to rain. Rain showers most of Monday afternoon before the tail end of this. When the sun goes down, it leaves us as a few more leftover snow showers or snow flurries.

Then Tuesday, just a couple of snow showers possible, mainly in the Laurel Highlands, before a nice, big warm-up and some sunshine midweek.

So tonight, gradual clearing, cold. 8 degrees your overnight low. Windchill tomorrow morning close to, if not just below zero.

Tomorrow, partly cloudy, 34. That's still well below average. Our normal high by now is almost 40 to 41 degrees across Western Pennsylvania.

So here's the good news. 34 with some sun early tomorrow afternoon. Then we get that snow and rain combination, starting as an inch or so of snow first thing Monday morning. Laurel Highlands up along I-80 could see two to three, but most of us an inch or so. And then it'll wash away pretty quickly as that moisture changes to rain by mid-morning.

The high Monday, 40 degrees. Tuesday, a few flurries and snow showers, 43. And look at this, Paul, sunshine and 50 for Wednesday.