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- All right, let's talk weather. You don't want to get overly excited about 37 degrees, but I'll take 37 degrees--

- Yeah.

--after what we've had.

- It feels so much warmer than it's been in a long time. Ray, how long?

RAY PETELIN: Since January 26. That's when we hit 43 degrees. We were up to 41 for a little bit today. So it's been a while, but we're finally able to do that, and we're only going to get warmer into the next couple of days. We actually top off with temperatures near 50 degrees. We'll time that in for you coming up.

But look, even some snow melting on the North Shore. And we're looking from the North Shore towards downtown. We have those cloudy skies overhead. And right now, area wide, those clouds are sticking around. It is breezy. Westerly winds at about 15 miles per hour, so the wind gusts closer to 30 at this point.

Once the sun sets, those will fall down closer to 20 to 25 mile per hour gusts, but it's going to be a breezy night. We have 37 degrees to go with that. Now, with the wind gusts, you can see 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts in most cases. So it is breezy to go with these more mild-type temperatures. It is 37 right now, as Ken was mentioning, also in Connellsville.

Temps fall off a little bit up to the north, but generally we're stepping in the right direction. Normal is in the low 40s, 41 to be more precise. We get back to that tomorrow, so another average day there. Wednesday we're talking some low 50s, so a nicer setup in that regard. A little cool down for Thursday and Friday, but on the way back up.

And you have to remember, usually when you're transitioning from one season to another, you don't get a quick snap and go in one direction. You get these warm ups, and then the warm ups start lasting a little longer, and the cool downs start lasting much shorter amounts of time. So good news with that.

Future cast pretty quiet other than that snow coming in tomorrow. And I don't know why this is flying through right now, but for the most part, we're looking for some rain and snow early on tomorrow. That'll wrap up, I think, by the time we get into the lunchtime hours. Then we get a quiet couple of days. I think Wednesday comes with clouds and a little sunshine. We'll get some partly cloudy skies to end the week.

But generally, we are going to look for some much warmer weather. And I think some of that is going to line up for the weekend, which is some great news and great timing for some warm weather, especially as we're rounding out the final days of February here. 31 tonight, so a little below freezing. And keep in mind we've done some melting. We had some rain. You could have some isolated slick spots as a result of those temperatures starting to settle down to the freezing point. But I don't think that's going to be a widespread issue. We are going to have some gustier winds, about 20, at times 25 mile per hour wind gusts.

For tomorrow, 41 degrees, scattered snow and rain. Sort of like today, where most of it's fairly early in the day. However, I don't think we're going to be looking at the slushy accumulation that spots got last night into this morning. Wind gusts tomorrow again near 30 miles per hour. And you could see hour by hour tomorrow, the snow and rain early on, we'll wrap that up. We'll keep the cloudy skies going for pretty much the rest of the daylight hours.

Temperatures top off in the lower 40s, and then we'll start to break up those clouds a little bit and have mostly cloudy skies. We'll get some peeks of sunshine working in there on Wednesday with that 51 degrees, but it could be cloudy and 51 for all I care. We do brighten it up, but temperatures fall down a little bit for Thursday and Friday. And then our temperature's on the upswing again. Some early showers Saturday and then rain on Sunday with 50 degrees coming our way again.