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- Well, I saw something in the skies today that was absolutely delightful. And that was the sun. But I also heard something delightful. And that was the drip of melting water coming off of my house. The sun was melting things for a while today.

- Yes, it was melting things for a while, but not much longer because more snow is headed this way. With more on that, here's Meteorologist Ray Petelin. Ray?

RAY PETELIN: Yeah, I always like to tell people, do not approach the sun, you'll scare it away. And obviously somebody did that because the clouds have come back. And we have some snow moving in. The next system on the way. Some snowflakes trying to line up on the southern border PA border with West Virginia. So you can see Morgantown, a couple of flurries down that way, nothing too heavy. And we're looking for the steadiest of the snow to arrive overnight and last into the morning commute tomorrow.

So the next system on its approach and it's already triggering the winter weather advisories, Allegheny, Washington, Greene, Fayette, Westmoreland, Indiana, Somerset, Monongahela, and the lower elevations of Preston County. Once you get up into the ridges of Preston and into Garrett County, there is a Winter Storm Warning there. That's where we're going to see a better focus of the snow. You can see it even arrives down this way first.

This is this evening. Once we get to midnight, about midnight, a few snow showers developing. This will start off scattered. And these are the early arrivals. The more widespread snow starts to lift in after about 1:00, 2:00 AM. And you could see it pushes up to Pittsburgh, almost to Butler, Washington, Connellsville, and Somerset. And that continues to push up to the north, but breaks up a bit once we get towards about 5:00 AM.

So 5:00 to 7:00, we'll have these scattered snow showers around. But I think the focus of the snow will still be more into the ridges, another little batch of precipitation tries to move in later in the morning and towards lunchtime. And this is the part that could have a very small amount of freezing rain or rain trying to mix in there. I think this is going to generally be snow with some pretty cold temperatures to start off with.

But for the most part, we're going to just see the scattered snow start to dry up once we get into tomorrow evening and into tomorrow night. So that's leading me to believe that our winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings are going to wrap up before Friday at 7:00 AM when they're set to expire at this point. But there will still be a few snow showers left over up into the ridges.

Now when it comes to snowfall amounts, two to four. So this isn't a big number of snow or a big amount of snow coming in. But I think the timing of it coming in towards the morning commute, and that's pretty much when it's going to be at steadiest. While it's not going to pile up a lot, it could certainly lead to some slick travel.

So that's why there's that winter weather advisory, two to four inches for Pittsburgh, a little lighter on the snow as you move north and west and heavier on the snow once you move south and east. Once you get up into those ridges, three to six inches not out of the question. Garrett County could be looking at five to eight before all is said and done. So a bigger amount of snow down that way.

We have the cold weather to work with. Our temperatures only in the mid 20s right now, feeling like the teens once you factor in the breeze. And the cloudy skies we have overhead are a sign that that winter weather is already on the way. 24, light breeze out of the east, feels like 17 factoring in the winds tonight. You're looking at 22 degrees. Those snow showers will develop. For most of us, this will happen after midnight. So the rest of this evening is fairly quiet. Little breeze going on there. So the wind chill will certainly feel like the teens.

Tomorrow we get back into the lower 30s, snow showers, of course. A little rain may try to mix in from time to time, but, again, generally, we're looking at most spots trying to pick up two to four inches of snowfall for tomorrow with this system, so not the biggest system, but certainly the timing of it could lead to some slick travel for that morning commute, so something to pay attention to and possibly give yourself a couple extra minutes in the morning. Friday, any of those leftover snow showers will be wrapping up.

We'll have a fairly quiet weekend, but cool, 40 is average. And speaking of the 40s, those come back next week. Tuesday and Wednesday, the 40s are on schedule to move back into town with some rain and snow Tuesday and even a little sunshine on Wednesday.

But with all this going on, the KDKA weather app is a great tool for your mobile device. You knew about those winter weather advisories as soon as they were issued because it gets sent right to your mobile device as soon as it's issued if you have the KDKA weather app. There's an interactive radar hour by hour forecast, futurecast all built into this free app. Just search CBS Pittsburgh in the App Store and Google Play.