KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (3/20)

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Video Transcript

BRYANT REED: It's the first day of spring. But this morning, it sure didn't feel like it. Kristin, can we expect a warm up in the next few days? Please give me good news.

KRISTIN EMERY: I have good news for you, Bryant, definitely. It's still going to be a little chilly tomorrow morning. But almost 10 degrees warmer than where we were this morning, which was way below normal. Right now, we have beautiful temperatures that are in the 50s. Look at this. Cranberry is up to 59 degrees. So is Newcastle. Morgantown's at 58, Kittanning as well. We have 57 in Greensboro, Wheeling, Washington, Waynesburg. 56 degrees, the current temperature in Pittsburgh. Our normal high for today is 51.

And you were hard pressed to even find a cloud in the sky anywhere within about a 300-mile radius of Pittsburgh. Look at that beautiful clear sky. Sunshine, 56 degrees, the Dew point only 14. That's a measure of the moisture in the air. It's so dry. This high pressure ridge keeping us in beautiful clear weather. Winds out of the east tonight only 3 miles per hour. So the next 12 hours we'll watch our temperatures slowly slide into the 40s by around 10:00 PM. And then we're down into the 30s just at or below the freezing point for the starting point tomorrow morning.

So that's almost 10 degrees warmer tomorrow morning than where we were this morning. So it's one step up. Clear skies tonight will allow that temperature to really drop off again. But the trade off is tomorrow, we have another beautiful sunny day. There you see that clear sky. High pressure in place right over the tri-state area. Closest cloud cover anywhere near us is over into southeastern Virginia and Raleigh, North Carolina. Really nothing as far as any moisture in the forecast at all until at least Wednesday evening.

So here's Futurecast. Watch these temperatures dip down into the 40s over the next few hours. There's 10:00 PM. And then overnight tonight, we bottom out just at or slightly below the freezing point. And again, our normal low is 31. So we're right there in the ballpark. We warm up again tomorrow. Another step up into the lower to middle 60s around much of the area. Pittsburgh looks like about 63 degrees for the high. So more than 10 degrees above average. Nice bright sunshine again for your Sunday.

And then another step up for lows Monday morning. We're only in the mid to upper 30s. So each day we warm up overall for the morning lows and the afternoon highs. And we keep that trend going all the way into Monday afternoon. There you see mid to upper 60s as we head toward the afternoon. Now sunshine sticks around on Monday and Tuesday, and then we get a little bit of a change. So here's your 7-day forecast. Sunshine 63 for tomorrow. Monday, sunny and 64. Tuesday, 65. A little cloud cover begins to roll in here later Tuesday.

Wednesday, it looks like we'll have a dry day. Beautiful temperature, 66. But later in the evening, we could see a spotty shower or two try to sneak in here. That's ahead of a system that will be traveling across the western US through the Mid Plains states. And then it'll finally arrive here Thursday into Friday, giving us a good shot at some showers Thursday, maybe even some soaking rain. But the temperature doesn't go anywhere. We stay in the 60s.