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- Who knows? Maybe the weather will be warm enough to really want some ice cream.

- Yeah, I mean, we saw our team of reporters out there in the field today as that cleanup continues. But it doesn't look like that's going to last into the weekend, right Ray?

RAY PETELIN: No, tomorrow is certainly ice cream weather. And if you do that-- we don't call those pies here, do we? Always comes in the rectangle glass dish with the pretzels on the bottom. I think that's what that stuff is. Don't know.

We have these winds that are blowing, have been gusting to the tune of 50, almost 60 miles per hour earlier today. Those have died down. Our warnings, our advisories have all been allowed to expire. Now, it's just a little breezy still. Five to 10 mile per hour winds in most cases.

And then as you get out towards the ridges, this is where we still have some gusts trying to hang on about 15 to 25 miles per hour. So still a little gusty as you get into central Pennsylvania, but we're starting to see things ease up for us. Tonight and tomorrow, we're looking pretty good in the wind department. Sunday, we could be pushing winds in the 40, possibly 50 mile per hour range for gusts again with the next system that's going to cut through.

This is going to bring rain, but it's also going to bring wind. Now, we're looking at the potential of 40, 50 mile per hour wind gusts by this model. That's not as high as the wind gusts were today. However, we have a lot of things that are loose from previous-- from the winds that we had today. Even though things have calmed down between now and then, there's not a lot of time between our winds today and the winds we're going to get potentially on Sunday afternoon. So that could cause a couple issues. Some things might still be loose from today's winds.

Right now, we still have clouds, mostly cloudy skies, 55 degrees, a west wind at nine miles per hour. Temperatures pretty comfortable for this time of year. Normally, this is closer to what we would expect, rather than the 60s and 70s we've had the past few days. So this is a more typical type temperature. But it's pretty comfortable.

And we're going to lose a few more degrees tonight. The clouds will break up. I think we're going to get some sunshine coming in tomorrow. Once we get into tomorrow afternoon, we'll see temps near 70 degrees. Again, we're looking for some upper 60s.

Some clouds will start to work back late, out ahead of the rain that we're expecting into Sunday. A first little wave before sunrise and then scattered showers. I wouldn't rule out a rumble or two of thunder once we get into Sunday. But this is where the gusty winds are going to be. Those will ease up heading into Sunday night and Monday.

So when it comes to the forecast, we have 44 degrees tonight, partly cloudy skies. I think this is going to be an overall nice night. And certainly not as loud as it was late last night into this morning with the winds. Five to 10 mile per hour winds are what we're looking for here.

Come tomorrow, we're going to see those temperatures back in the upper 60s. We're going to break into some sunshine. I think this is going to be a really nice-looking day. And of the two weekend days, this is the best. Sunday certainly not looking as bright, certainly not looking as dry, and certainly not looking as calm with those five to 10 mile per hour winds.

Tomorrow, if you have the choice between the two, take tomorrow. You get the sunshine, some clouds mixed in. Lunchtime about 60 degrees. Mid to upper 60s for the middle of the afternoon and as we progress into the evening.

Sunday, rain and wind return. So that's one of the worst-looking days of the forecast. Monday, not bad, 53 with mostly sunny skies. So a little cooler there. We do get a rebound in the temperature category for Tuesday, with partly cloudy skies. But the rain returns on Wednesday. So showers there.

Rain and potentially snow mixing in on Thursday, with temperatures starting off in the low 30s, but making it up to about 40 degrees for a high temperature there. A little drier for Friday of next week, with 48 degrees and mostly sunny skies. But the warm stuff, that's tomorrow. And it comes with some sunshine. So enjoy it while it's here.

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