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Video Transcript

- I don't know if you like to bet or not, but my bet is going to be they may not be opening on Thursday.

- Yeah, it's a good thing they have contingency plans because, meteorologist Ray Petelin, it sounds like they might need those. Right?

RAY PETELIN: Well, the golf swing is very similar to the shovel. Right? No?

- Yes, very similar.


- Get that work out.

RAY PETELIN: Well, I'm hopeful that we don't have to pull out the shovels. However, we are looking at accumulating snow. And when it comes down to it, we're still in April. We still average snow for April. During the month of April, typically-- actually, we're not even April yet.

But during the month of April, we get an inch and a half on average for the whole month. But we're going to see some of that snow coming into play tomorrow night and early Thursday. As it stands, we have some temps in the 70s, which makes it real hard to think forward to snowfall coming up in a couple of days.

But we're in a place where you go from the 70s to snowfall in the matter of a couple of days, and that's going to be our reality here as we head, especially tomorrow night, into Thursday. Still some sunshine trying to hang on. We have a mostly cloudy report out at the airport, however, these clouds are high and thin, so we're still getting a little sunshine coming in. You can still see the shadows on the cars there.

So it's still a beautiful evening. Warm temperatures, a little breezy though. Low humidity right now. Our high temperature today, 72 degrees. Our low this morning, 35. So we had a nice, big warm-up today, and temperatures like this are going to be on hold until next week. Clouds taking over.

The rain is back on the Chicago-- or I should say, Illinois-Indiana line and stretches all the way down to the Gulf. That's the system that's going to move towards us first, the cold front bringing in the rain. That's going to get followed up by a secondary push of moisture into the colder air, and that'll give us the snow.

So here's how it goes on Futurecast. As you're waking up, 5:00 AM, rain showers starting to push in. Those last through the morning commute. Cold front starts coming in mid to late morning, and temperatures will fall. We'll still have some scattered showers to deal with as that next wave of moisture pushes in, but by the time we're getting into the evening, it will be cold enough where we start to see some snow turning on. That snow stays scattered around into Thursday.

And when it comes down to it, we're going to see the better shots on Thursday of the snow up into those traditional lake-effect-prone areas, up to the north and those upslope areas into the ridges. So this is where we're going to see a lot of that snow, focused for Thursday, although, we're going to get little spits of snow here and there almost area-wide.

By Friday, we're getting back into sunshine. And then, our temperatures through the Easter weekend will start to warm back up. When it comes to accumulations, we're not looking at big numbers for Pittsburgh, an inch or less, most of that on grassy surfaces. If you've noticed, the month of March has been a very warm month, and we have a lot of energy built up into that ground.

So anything that hits the ground is likely going to start melting on contact, but where you have the grass up off the ground a little bit, you'll get that little layer of air to prevent that snow from melting as quickly, and back porches and car windshields might get that as well. The highest totals are going to be out into the highest ridges, two to four inches there.

Now, we do pick up snow in April, to the tune of an inch and a half. But it's not that often that we get too much-- over two inches of snowfall. Last time that happened was 2018, the time before that was 13 years before. 52 degrees tonight, that rain turning on towards daybreak. And then, we're going to see that rain changing over to snow tomorrow night into Thursday.

Temperatures on Thursday, mid 30s, that's it. But that's the worst of the week, and we start warming it up, and we bring that sunshine right back for most of the forecast, including Easter. And with the rain, and snow, and cold, and warm-up heading into the holiday, get the KDKA weather app. It gives you alerts, it gives you hour-by-hour forecast, plus an interactive radar. And it's absolutely free. Just search CBS Pittsburgh in the App Store and Google Play.