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- What a cutie. Meteorologist Kristin Emery is in the house. Kristin, what can little Wally expect for his first week on planet Earth?

KRISTIN EMERY: Making a big splash, coming in like a lion, right? Congratulations to Mary, and Billy, and Viviana. And everybody's healthy and just so happy for them. Great job, mom. So we are looking at a pretty up and down forecast as we head through this next week. But really interesting tonight that we're going to get down to chilly temperatures again and very windy conditions.

The temperatures have already fallen almost 15 degrees from where we were earlier this afternoon. We're down to around 46 to 48 degrees across much of the area, from Pittsburgh to the north. Still holding onto 50s in Greensboro and Morgantown, as well as Indiana. But we will soon see these temperatures tumble into the 30s as we head through late tonight.

Pittsburgh right now downtown, cloud cover with a few breaks of blue sky, but mostly overcast skies. And we're looking at scattered showers around the area this evening. We're down to 48. And look at that wind-- west at 22 miles per hour. Gusts up to 43 miles per hour. We've had gusts reported up to 48 miles per hour in places like Washington and Wheeling over the past two hours.

Here are the sustained winds. This is the constant wind speed-- 22 to 33 to 28 miles per hour around the area. And then the gusts, there you see, up to 43, 47 miles per hour. We have had reports of some power outages, some trees into wires. Not widespread, just a few here and there, and no other major damage reports so far.

Now, the winds will remain gusty for the next few hours. They won't get any higher than they are now, but they'll start to slowly decrease after about 10:00 or 11:00 PM. The biggest push of moisture already went through to the east with that cold front. Some scattered showers in its wake. And we'll have these lingering off and on up until around midnight.

And it will be cold enough that you see that rain wrapping around that low up across the Great Lakes and it's changing over to snow in through southeastern portions of Ontario and then also over into southern lower Michigan. And guess what? Those of you north of Pittsburgh-- and we're talking maybe even as far south as Butler, Cranberry, Kittanning, Newcastle-- you could see some of this change over to snow showers or a little rain-snow flurry later tonight by 9:00, 10:00 PM.

Also over into the Laurel Highlands, Ligonier, Donegal, Somerset, you could see some flurries. And in the highest elevations down into Preston Tucker County, you might see a little accumulation, a dusting of snow. It's all done by tomorrow morning. We're in the 30s. And then we warm up with sunshine into the lower to mid-50s tomorrow, which is normal for late March.

Tuesday, more sunshine and the temperature soars before we get rain moving in Wednesday morning. And then a big shot of cold air, one last gasp of chilly air for March. It's going to be, as I mentioned, a roller coaster of a week, temperature-wise. Starting with tonight, we drop down to 34. Showers and wind early tomorrow, 53. And here's the upshot-- 70 for Tuesday. 50s Wednesday. We're all the way down to 36 Thursday. Back up to 60s for Easter weekend.