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- This is the Ides of March. And across the studio, young Cassius has a lean and hungry look.

- Yes, see the scholarly minds that we are, the scholarly journalists? We've been making "Julius Caesar" references every commercial break. Should we beware the Ides of March though, Meteorologist, Ray Petelin?

RAY PETELIN: Well, you should beware the ice of March because we have the potential for freezing rain tonight. I'll be here all week. We get up in the ridges, the potential for a little freezing rain, freezing drizzle going on. And this is an advisory that runs 4:00 AM until 10:00 AM. And even if it's just drizzle, it does not take much ice to make things slick. So keep that in mind if you're doing any late night or early morning travel up into the higher elevations.

Now, those of us who live in the lower spots, we're going to see our temperatures stay just enough above freezing where everything should come down as rain. We have 40 degrees right now Pittsburgh, Greensburg to Connellsville, 43, 45 Morgantown. We're looking at some upper 30s already up north of Pittsburgh in Franklin, Clarion, Du Bois, all upper 30s there.

The radar does have some returns coming in. But this initial edge is likely not touching the ground. We are very, very dry at this point. We have the clouds here in Pittsburgh, cloudy skies reported at the airport, a Dew point at only 3 degrees. And this gives us a relative humidity of only 21%.

You may have had to put on a little extra, like, hand lotion or Chapstick today because it's so dry. And that's why, our dew point is very, very low. And we have to overcome that very, very low Dew point to get that rain to actually make it all the way to the surface from the cloud.

Now, tomorrow, we are looking at scattered areas of rain. In the ridges, there is that potential ice for the morning commute. So keep that in mind if you know anyone traveling up that way. Keep an eye on the situation. Temperatures get above freezing rather quickly, well, stay above freezing in Pittsburgh. But we get into the 40s by 9:00 AM.

During the afternoon, just scattered rain showers, temperatures in the 50s. So it will be, actually, mild into the afternoon after that colder start. So this system's working up towards us. And as it does so, it's going to be bringing the precipitation. And this is going to last on and off through the day tomorrow.

Then we'll catch a little break. We'll get another round, I think, on Thursday. And then into the weekend, some drier weather.

Here's what it's going to look like on Futurecast. Scattered rain, most of it light for the night tonight and into tomorrow. And again, it's going to take a while to get this going. So it's going to likely start off as some drizzle, change over to scattered rain showers that we'll be dealing with tomorrow. That gets out of here. And actually, we start off Wednesday morning with some clouds. But those clouds clear out of here rather quickly.

We'll get into some sunshine. But Thursday, clouds come back, and so do the rain showers. We'll get the second wave of precipitation coming through. And this will be with us on and off through Thursday before drying up into Friday and then setting us up for a pretty nice weekend. 35, cloudy, rain developing late tonight after we overcome that dry air.

54 degrees tomorrow. It will be mild. But with that mild weather, comes some showers. So we'll call them spring showers for tomorrow. And into Wednesday, we dry it up, bring back some sunshine. Showers again Thursday. A little cooler Friday, 46 degrees. But we'll get those clearing skies again. And that'll last right through the weekend with warming temperatures, low 50s on Saturday, upper 50s on Sunday.

And if you can stretch a three-day weekend, right now it's looking like Monday, 63 mostly sunny degrees. And keep in mind, with the showers on the way and even those advisories in the ridges, you can keep it all straight. If an advisory or warning pops up, it goes right to your mobile device. Plus, there's an interactive radar so you can track these showers, all for free. All you have to do a search CBS Pittsburgh in the App Store and Google Play.