KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (3/18)

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Video Transcript

- It could not have been fun to drive the turnpike today, with all the rain that we've had so far.

- Yeah, I can't remember a time when one day was so drastically different from the next. Yesterday, bright and sunny. Today, just rainy, dreary, blah. Meteorologist Ray Petelin, what's on the forecast for us as we look ahead to the weekend?

RAY PETELIN: How about another drastically different day tomorrow? We're going to get back into the sunshine, but it'll be a little colder. First things first, we have to finish up the rain and the thunderstorms. We did have a severe thunderstorm, but you could see it's lost a little bit of its steam, so not quite the hail that was contained in there before, but still pretty gusty. Moving up towards Morgantown right now, and into areas just south of Waynesburg. You can see Blacksville getting some of that heavier rain and lightning. This is going towards 19 and I-79, and extends down towards southern Monongahela County and moving towards Morgantown right now.

Steady rain as you get towards Apollo, almost up to Fort City. And then you get back towards the turnpike here, and you get that steady rain. A little break with some lighter rain. And then from Beaver to Ohio, some heavier rain, that extends up through New Castle. So there are areas where it's still coming down pretty good, and it has been coming down all day. And a record amount of rainfall for this date today with officially 1.66 inches of rain, but there's still more coming down. So we're going add to that total a little bit.

45, Pittsburgh to Cranberry. 44, Beaver Falls. Kittanning, 42. 43, New Castle. Even Clarion at 41 degrees. And you get to Greensburg, 46. Temperatures inch upward just a little bit, and we're at 52 in Morgantown. But if you've been watching throughout the course of the evening, you've been seeing those Morgantown temperatures going down, because the cold air is spreading. Temperatures even up towards Cleveland at 37 degrees right now.

It's pretty gusty on top of that. 20 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts in most spots. 33, even, clocked in Wheeling. So it will be a gustier setup as we start to see this system come to an end. The top edge, you can see, from Erie back almost to Cleveland, little change-over. Some white there would indicate some snow trying to mix in on the top edge of the system. And that will be the case as it sinks down to the south.

So we're going to be finishing up the rain. The back edge of this might come with a couple of snowflakes attached. We shouldn't see anything accumulation-wise as this system settles down to the south. 1:00 AM, still pretty cloudy, but those clouds will continue to break up. And I think they do so rather quickly tomorrow. So we're getting into the sunshine quickly and staying there through the weekend. So tomorrow, it'll be a lot brighter, it'll be a lot drier. But it will be colder, as temperatures only top off in the 40s.

So tonight, 26 degrees. A gusty night. That rain trying to mix with a few snowflakes on the back edge of this. That tells us it's going to get cold on its own, but look at that temperature. 26 degrees for the bus stops in the morning. 46 for high temperatures tomorrow. Another gusty day, about 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts there, with the clouds around in the morning decreasing rather quickly, and we will see plenty of sunshine.

You can see how this works out tomorrow. By the time we're at lunchtime, sunny, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, clear skies. And that's going to last right on through the weekend. We have several clear days in a row. Saturday, spring officially begins. 55 degrees for your high temperature there. Low 60s on Sunday. Mid-60s by Monday, so this is one of those forecasts that just keeps getting better. 65 on Tuesday. We'll have some fair weather clouds mixing in there. However, Wednesday, we could see a few showers. And then 67 degrees on Thursday.

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