KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (3/21)

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- Oh, the sun was out and the temperatures were on the rides today. I was driving to work with the windows rolled down, music blasting. I won't tell you what I was listening to, though. Meteorologist Kristin Emery has a look at your forecast. Kristen, is the sun sticking around or no?

KRISTIN EMERY: It is. And we're going to go for three days in a row with hardly a cloud in the sky. And temperatures all week, Royce, are going to stay in the 60s. That's more than 10 degrees warmer than average. So take a peek at the numbers right now.

Our normal high is 51. We're sitting at 63 degrees in Pittsburgh. It's 65 in Cranberry. 66 in Morgantown. Washington hanging in there at 64, along with Katanning. Newcastle, you're at 65 degrees. Just a touch cooler in Connellsville and Somerset, still mid to upper 50s.

So everyone well above average today. And as we look downtown, still this looks like a postcard. No clouds in the sky, such dry air in place with this high pressure system. 63 with a dewpoint of only 12. Relative humidity is only 14%, and we have no wind.

It's just a perfect, almost a San Diego like weather day out there. So clear skies tonight. As we go hour by hour, we'll dip down there into the 50s by 8:00 PM. Down into the upper 40s by midnight. And then only the mid to upper 30s for lows tomorrow morning.

So a little warmer tomorrow morning than what we've had the past two mornings. There you see satellite radar loop still no clouds around the entire Tri-State Area. You have to go almost up into just a couple of clouds just along Lake Erie's shoreline. But most of the activity that we're seeing for any cloud cover is just up into northern Michigan.

And then as far south as even the eastern portion of North Carolina. We're really going to see a nice repeat performance tomorrow of no cloud cover for a third day in a row. Here's Futurecast. 60s down to upper 50s in the next few hours. And then by 11 o'clock, we dip into the 40s. You'll see the laurels and the ridges just dipping down there into those upper 30s by midnight. And then tomorrow morning, remember we had temperatures the past two days in the 20s in many spots for lows.

Tomorrow morning, the coldest temperatures we'll see will be the freezing mark. And Pittsburgh looks like it'll stay in those mid to upper 30s, closer to the city. And then tomorrow afternoon, another beautiful day very similar to today. Very light winds, lots of sunshine, temperatures in the mid-60s, a good 10 to 15 degrees above normal. Lows on Tuesday morning, upper 30s to lower 40s.

And we have more 60s on the way Tuesday. But what you see there, little cloud cover, starts to finally sneak back into our forecast. So tonight, 35 your overnight low. Clear, not as chilly. So cool but not as chilly and above normal again tomorrow. Sunshine, beautiful, 66 degrees for the afternoon high.

Here's your seven-day forecast. Tuesday, 65 a few clouds. Wednesday evening a few showers, Thursday 72. But showers Thursday, Friday and then very comfortable again for next weekend, Royce.