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Video Transcript

KYM GABLE: I pass several parks on my way into work and just seeing all kinds of people out with their families, their friends, their pets, enjoying the sunshine and-- and warm temperatures. I was almost tempted to-- to join them, but I came to work.

STACY SMITH: Oh, you came to work. I'm glad you did, but I understand why you didn't want to at that point. Yeah, we've had a string of wonderful days, so let's hope the string continues. Let's check in with Ray Petelin. Ray.

RAY PETELIN: Oh, I think a lot of elbows are sticking out of the side of car windows today on the commute home, because it's beautiful, and I think we're going to do it for tomorrow, too, for a good chunk of the day. However, we can't keep this going for too, too long. We actually have some moisture that's going to be moving in towards us, and that's going to bring us rain. That's going to bring us some thunderstorms.

As it stands right now, clouds and some breaks in those clouds over Pittsburgh, but we will be clearing it out as we head through the night. So clearing skies, right now we have a temperature of 73 degrees, and this is the first time we hit 70 degrees in 2021, and actually these are the warmest temperatures since November. So it's been quite some time since we had temperatures like this. Mostly cloudy skies for the time being, but we are going to break those clouds up. You can see back into Cambridge, left side of your screen, Akron, left side of your screen. Those are areas where those clouds are breaking up. We're going to see that pretty much be the case for us, as well, but most of our temperatures are in the low to mid 70s right now. And if you're not in the low to mid 70s, you're in the upper 60s out in the ridges and well up north, and-- and those are still some great temperatures.

So we have this warm air pumping in and some drier air. We're in the-- going to see that clear sky that you have going on back in Central Ohio down to Kentucky move towards us. There is a couple systems on the way, and the first one is just going to bring us some warm temperatures. This, the one that's coming down our way from Texas, is actually going to bring us the rain. It's going to bring us some snow, actually some potential for a few snowflakes, I should say, but the bigger thing is the colder temperatures that come with that. And as that system is getting closer, it is going to set us up for some gusty winds.

Now, the severe-storm potential is more centered down into Tennes-- Tennessee, back into Mississippi, back into Alabama, but we could see one or two of these storms try to get a little gustier as they move towards us tomorrow night and into early Friday. So we're watching for just a small potential of severe weather. I think the bigger thing would be the gusty winds that come with this system as it arrives. Now, tomorrow we start the day with some sunshine, beautiful-looking conditions, warm temperatures, but as we get into Thursday, tomorrow afternoon, we start to see this rain lift in here. A couple pockets of that rain could be heavier. I wouldn't rule out some rumbles of thunder tomorrow night into early Friday. Some very gusty winds come with this system, as well.

As this system passes by, we'll keep those gusty winds going until early Friday afternoon. Still some showers there, as well, but we'll dry those up pretty quickly afterwards, and I think we start off the weekend pretty nice. But a high-wind watch in effect 2:00 AM till 2:00 PM Friday because of that and the potential of some winds toward 60 miles per hour. Tonight, though, 53, fairly quiet, partly cloudy early, will turn mostly clear later on, and tomorrow we're going to see our temperatures bounce right back into the mid 70s-- 74 degrees, some rain, wouldn't rule out some thunder there, some early showers, and gusty winds. Friday, start to the weekend looks nice, the finish looks soggy, and next week, a few days with more sunshine and temperatures in the 50s and 60s for most of this forecast.

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