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Video Transcript

STACY SMITH: You could probably find it, but I don't think there are that many days in March that are as great as this one.

KYM GABLE: Oh, yeah, I mean, absolutely perfect. I mean, really reaching perfection. Let's head over to Meteorologist Ray Petelin here to see if we can keep this going for a few more days, Ray.

RAY PETELIN: Oh, let me tell you, March has treated us pretty well with a few just a little downturns from time to time. But today, as Stacy mentioned, was probably the best. We get the sunshine, we get the warm temperatures, all working together. There's been a light breeze. And that's about the worst of it. So just beautiful blue skies across the Allegheny right now. A couple of clouds have mixed in at the airport. We have 66 degrees here in Pittsburgh. Beaver Falls, 65. 66, Butler. Greensburg and Indiana both at 64. Gets a little warmer up towards Newcastle, 68 degrees. Even 67 in Washington. So we have these great temperatures. And we're well above average. Normal is 52.

And we're going to be right back into the warm stuff tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Saturday, you'll notice the numbers are ticking down. But Saturday still well above average type temperatures, even Sunday too at 58 degrees. So we are going to keep this warm trend going. But just know, next week, our temperatures do start to decline a little bit. Clouds building towards us. You get those clouds back into western Ohio. Those will inch towards us. We'll start it off partly cloudy tonight and increase those clouds through the day tomorrow. So Futurecast shows how this works out. Tonight into tomorrow will mix in a couple of clouds through the day. Tomorrow, those clouds went out.

We stay dry though. Tomorrow night into Tuesday, we're talking after midnight, this is where we start to see just some spotty light rain trying to develop. There's still some dry air we need to overcome. And that'll be the case on Wednesday too. So just a little spotty, light rain is all we'll look for here in spots. Most of the day is going to be dry. Thursday, different story. We started off dry and very warm. And then we get a big cold front coming in here. And that's going to trigger some additional rain, potentially even a couple thunderstorms. Tomorrow not a worry for us. I think both your commutes are going to be pretty easy. The most sunshine will probably happen in the morning. I think during the afternoon, you won't even need the sunglasses as we look for mainly cloudy, but warm conditions.

You can crack the windows, but you don't need the sunglasses, how about that. 39 degrees, partly cloudy skies. A mild night tonight. We'll dip back down to those upper 30s. And tomorrow, we warm it right back up. 66 degrees, breezy, warm, those clouds on the increase, southeasterly winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. Over the course of the week, these temperatures go from the mid 60s tomorrow, to the upper 60s Wednesday, to the low to mid 70s on Thursday. Very, very warm. And again, the low 50s are what are normal for this time of year. So we're going to start seeing a little spotty rain Wednesday. Better shot for rain, especially Thursday afternoon into Friday.

Friday, our temperatures, that's where they start to teeter. We're going back down to the mid 60s. And that's still warm, but not the 70s that you might get used to on Thursday. A little windy there as well. Saturday, partly cloudy skies. Great way to start the weekend with temps near 60 degrees. And then we'll add more showers on Sunday, even into Monday of next week, with cooler temps. And with the increasing clouds, increasing temperatures, and increasing rain chances, keep it all sorted out with the KDKA Weather app. You get the hour by hour version of the forecast, the daily version of the forecast. There's even an interactive Futurecast built into the radar. Just search "CBS Pittsburgh" in the App Store and Google Play.