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Video Transcript

- Well, not a bad day to day at all. Nice temperature, but I heard you were going to file an official complaint with the weather department that you didn't get enough sun.

- Me?

- Yes.

- Now that is a malicious lie. I'm not going to do that. We're going to find out more right now from meteorologist, Ray Petelin. Ray?

RAY PETELIN: Well, today was fine. Even with the cloud cover, I did some yard work. And I re-familiarized myself with all the things with prickers on it. So I'm pretty scratched up today. But we have some rain on the way to water, even the prickery things as we go into the next few days as we see some showers moving towards us.

But we're not looking at many washouts here. You're going to find dry time pretty much the next few days. Just a few showers we might have to dance around. Clouds already streaming in here. You can see a little rain trying to get its act together out there in central Ohio, but it's bumping up in our very dry air.

So we're having a hard time getting these showers going, and that'll be the case through this evening and into early tonight. But once we get towards tomorrow morning, this is where we start to see a few showers trying to develop, but nothing nearby that we need to be concerned about. We still have a pretty low relative humidity. Although if you've been watching it, these numbers have been ticking upward.

We're up to 40% in Pittsburgh. Typically, around 60% is what is needed to pull off some rain showers once that moisture starts moving towards us in the form of rain. So temperatures right now in the low to mid 60s in most cases. We get 65, Pittsburgh, Greensburgs at 63, as well as Butler, 66 in Morgantown in Newcastle.

Newcastle not that long ago was looking at 70 degrees. Little blue tinge to the skies here, but just know, we're going to see more clouds than anything else. Out at the airport, overcast skies are reported with 65 degrees, southeasterly winds at 15, and our low relative humidity right now.

Temps tonight are going to stay very warm. When you get that layer of clouds in, when you start to radiate the heat off at night, the clouds absorb it and re-radiate it back down towards you. It's like a big blanket, keeps you warm. 52 in Pittsburgh and Connellsville, 51 in La Trobe, 50 in Indiana to Katanning to butler those lower 50s for Beaver, and up towards Youngstown, Newcastle too.

Tomorrow, I think many of us are going to be seeing temperatures hitting into the 70 degree mark. So a nice warm day in play for tomorrow. However, we might have a few showers, especially early on. This is 4 AM. Some light rain, most of this very light, moving by. And then just this spotty light rain through the morning. That moves out.

And through the afternoon, we get some drier conditions taking over. So nice, dry setup for the afternoon and first part of Thursday. Thursday, even warmer still. Looks like our temperatures are going to bump up into the mid 70s. So we get that nice warm setup.

However once we get into the afternoon, we start seeing our rain chances go up. And some of this rain could be heavier at times, and I would not be surprised to hear some rumbles of thunder as this comes through. And that's going to last into Friday with some gusty conditions.

So tonight, mainly cloudy skies of spotty showers here or there. Temperatures very warm at 52 degrees. Tomorrow, back to about 70. And after those early showers, we're going to quiet things down. I think the afternoon is going to be pretty nice.

Early Thursday is looking pretty nice. However during the afternoon, we turn on that rain again. We'll finish that up early Friday. I think some gusty conditions for the day on Friday with a nice start to the weekend. 65 partly cloudy degrees there, some showers Sunday, and some sunshine returns, but cooler temperatures for Monday and Tuesday.

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