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Video Transcript

STACY SMITH: Now, what I like to do, Kym, is to set the alarm for 2 o'clock in the morning, wake up, and then adjust the clock at that point.

KYM GABLE: I'm usually up at 2 o'clock in the morning, believe it or not. So I'm just going to stay up and do it myself. So hopefully, we'll be springing forward in more ways than one, because this means, what, an extra-- extra hour of sunshine, right? Hopefully sunshine. Ray?

RAY PETELIN: Yeah, we're going to add that sunshine to the end of the day. And actually, we're going to have some sunshine to try out this whole spring forward thing as we head into the weekend. 53, Pittsburgh. 53 Kittanning, Butler, Youngstown, Washington, Connellsville as well. And you get 50 in Waynesburg, while Morgantown is still hanging on to 57 degrees, that's a warm spot. Cranberry is 55, not a bad temperature.

We've mixed in some clouds, and these are going to be with us on and off for tonight. So we're going to call it a partly cloudy night. Mostly cloudy skies are reported at the airport at this point with that 53 degrees. And our winds at 15 to 20 out of the west-northwest. So it will be a little bit breezy for the next couple of hours.

Temperatures tonight are going down. We're looking at lows in the upper 20s. And while that looks frigid compared to what we've had, these are very typical temperatures for this time of year. Tomorrow, high temperatures are going to make it into the upper 40s in most cases. While that looks colder, those are very typical temperatures for this time of year.

So the weekend is actually going to be near normal, if not just a little above as we head into Sunday. So there's that little layer of clouds pushing in here. All the shower activity you see in the bottom left of your screen, that is going to stay out of here. We're looking at a dry weekend. And even Monday for the most part is looking dry. Late is when we see our next chance for rain on Monday.

So futurecast here isn't going to show much rain. But you can see, it does get that little bit of cloud cover trying to work in here. That's gone by the morning. And with the skies clearing out and those winds easing up, those temperatures are going to drop rather quickly. So cold start to your day, sunshine throughout.

Once we get into Sunday, we'll mix in a couple of clouds. Some will drop in from the north, some will come in from the west, and we'll see all these clouds start to mix in through the day. So a partly cloudy setup for your Sunday, not a bad look, though. We'll get a little sunshine early on Monday, but those clouds come back out ahead of that rain that's coming into play Monday night into Tuesday. Possibly even a couple of snowflakes trying to mix in with that.

So temperatures, upper 40s and low 50s for this weekend. And I've been talking about how this is pretty much typical for this time of year. An average high for tomorrow is 48 degrees, and an average low is 29. This is pretty much what we're looking at. Some very typical conditions to take us into the weekend.

So tonight, you're looking at partly cloudy skies, beautiful looking night. But by the time we get into the morning, those temperatures are going to be into the upper 20s. I think we're going to still be in the upper 30s by midnight. But those temperatures will fall rather quickly once we get into the late night, early morning hours. For tomorrow, 48 degrees.

On any given day other than this week, it would be a fantastic looking setup. However, we had the upper 60s, even today, the upper 50s. So we've had the royal treatment weather wise. Tomorrow, we're just going to get the normal treatment. But it's going to be a nice looking start to the weekend, lots of sunshine comes with that.

And even temperatures, again, what you would expect for this time of year. 51 for Sunday, partly cloudy there. More clouds Monday. Better shot for showers Monday into Tuesday. And with Tuesday's early temperatures in the low 30s, I would not be surprised for a couple of snowflakes there. Same deal on Friday. Early temperatures in the 20s.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of snowflakes mixing in before it changes all to rain. And with the weekend coming up, and temperatures up and down, and even a few chances for rain next week, get the KDKA weather app. Hourly and daily forecasts all when you want them. Just search "CBS Pittsburgh" in the App Store and Google Play.