KDKA-TV Evening Forecast (3/29)

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Video Transcript

- Well, we've had a gorgeous day here in Pittsburgh today. Things are going to be changing though.

- Yeah, I think a little earlier I saw everything, gosh, right from the 20s to the 70s that we're going to be looking at.

RAY PETELIN: Oh, this forecast is a real Pittsburgh-type forecast where you pretty much get all the weathers. So we get the clear skies right now. It's cool, but comfortable. Temps, low 50s, a few degrees cooler than what we would expect for this time of year, but a beautiful evening nonetheless.

You get that 50-calm degrees in Pittsburgh and relative humidity at 32%. So it's rather dry to go with it. Temperatures around are found mostly in these 50s. You get 50 Pittsburgh, Kittinning, Butler, Newcastle. Washington too, you get 52, from Cranberry to Beaver Falls 53 in Waynesburg.

Morgantown, a little spicier at 54 degrees. 49 though in Connellsville and Franklin at 47. We've seen those skies clear out. And we are not looking for any clouds to bother us tonight, so it's going to be a nice clear night and a clear day tomorrow. So we're going to keep the sunshine, but we are going to boost those temperatures.

So going through your day tomorrow, the morning commute comes with bright sunshine, and the evening commute, we might mix in a couple clouds, but it's going to be a pretty bright looking day there as well. Futurecast shows that we get a mainly clear night.

You might see a passing cloud from time to time, but it's going to be pretty quiet. The clouds don't really take over the area until we get into tomorrow evening, tomorrow night. And these clouds are out ahead of some big temperature swings and precipitation.

So first and foremost, we see the first type of precipitation that we're going to be dealing with, and that is rain. Wednesday morning, temperatures still mild. We're going to see this rain. We're not getting the big warm-up though as we top off in the 50s here. Cooler temperatures, I should say colder temperatures take over Wednesday night and Thursday.

So through the day Wednesday, the scattered rain. Wednesday night into Thursday, that is snow. You can see that on the legend there. Snow trying to work in here. This could leave a coating on some elevated surfaces, but it is going to be a bigger sign that we are in store for a very cold Thursday for this time of year as our temperatures likely are going to stay in the 30s.

So we'll wrap up any leftover snow pretty early on Thursday the way it's looking right now. However, don't judge the whole forecast by that, because it gets a whole lot better heading into the Easter weekend. Tonight, 36 degrees, clear skies, light and variable winds. And tomorrow, we're going to get the sunshine. This is the best day of the entire forecast.

The sunshine, the warm temperatures, all coming together, and this is happening tomorrow. 71 degrees for that high temperature. And you can see clouds don't even start mixing in until late, so it's mostly sunshine for your Tuesday. Wednesday, only 57 degrees.

This does come with rain, pretty widespread rain, and a couple of pockets might be a little heavier. Rain and snow on Thursday, but we start to warm it back up again as we head into the Easter weekend and even starting next week.

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