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Video Transcript

STACY SMITH: With the temperatures we've been having recently, it does seem like winter is now just an afterthought.

- Yeah, I want to do anything but hibernate. I want to get out there and enjoy this weather, but some rain might be on the way. Let's check in right now with meteorologist Ray Petelin. Ray.

RAY PETELIN: Well, I don't think we're going to see anything too widespread rainfallwise. So if you're done hibernating, you can certainly be on the hunt for some picnic baskets. But overall, we've seen our rain just start to fizzle out to just some drizzle and some very light sprinkles as you get back into Washington County, southern Beaver County as well.

And as we lose the heat of the day, we're going to lose these thunderstorms and showers that have been hanging around. You can see through Indiana most of this has lightened up. Still a couple steadier spots there even in southern Jefferson County. And one spot here, you can see how this has been coming down I-79. That's lightened up a little bit too and will continue to do so as our temperatures inch downward over the next couple of hours.

Now today we made it up to 81 degrees here in Pittsburgh. That was the warmest temperature reading we have had since late September. And it looks like these warm temps are going to be sticking around into tomorrow. But we hit 81 in Pittsburgh. Beaver Falls, 81. Youngstown, 80. Morgantown, 80. 78, Washington. 79 in Butler. 77 Latrobe and Franklin. Very warm temperatures today.

Looking across the Allegheny, I think some are hoping for some warm temperatures to get that summer feel at PNC Park for the home opener tomorrow. I think we're going to have warm temps to go along with that.

You can see, looking the other direction from the North Shore towards downtown, Pittsburgh has mostly cloudy skies reported, although that's a high, thin cloud layer. Northerly winds 5 miles per hour and 78 degrees, and most of these temperatures are at 78. That would include Beaver Falls, Butler, Washington, and New Castle. A little cooler with some rain-cooled air in Indiana, and Greensburg has 77 degrees.

Tonight we're down to the mid 50s for our temperatures. Overall, another very comfortable night like last night was into this morning. Then into tomorrow we're going to see those temperatures making a run for the upper 70s. Some spots trying to work towards 80 degrees again. And as we get to those warmer temperatures, there's a chance we could see a couple pop-up showers and thunderstorms.

Here's how it's going to work out. You can see between now and midnight we quiet things down. We'll have partly cloudy skies left over. Tomorrow a quiet start to your day. Taking us to 1 o'clock just before that 1:35 first pitch at PNC Park, you can see partly cloudy skies. Into the afternoon, maybe a stray shower, but it's not until tomorrow once we get towards 10, 11 o'clock where we see the more widespread rain and even couple rumbles of thunder try to work through. That will stick with this through the night, and then I think we wrap this up pretty early on Friday.

However, late Friday once we start to warm it up again, we could see a little pop-up shower trying to develop. Same deal Saturday. Once we get into the afternoon, there is a chance we could see a few of these showers trying to return.

Tonight, 55 degrees. Fairly calm winds. Partly cloudy skies. A very nice night again. Tomorrow, 79, partly cloudy. We could see a stray thunderstorm in the afternoon, much like it's set up today. And I think the better shot for rain and thunderstorms comes as we get a little closer to 10, 11 o'clock at night. So most of the day should come in dry, and it should be another very warm day with our temperatures topping off in the upper 70s.

Through the next seven days we keep these 70s around into the start of the weekend. However, once we get towards Sunday, we're going to dip back down to the mid to upper 60s. That goes for Monday as well. So temperatures certainly cooler than what we've been experiencing but still warmer than average, and then we find those numbers closer to average Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

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