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- Well, it is hard to believe, with a day like today, that things are going to change, and pretty dramatically.

- Yes, unfortunately, they are going to change. Let's find out how much change we're going to see. Here is Ray Petelin. Ray?

RAY PETELIN: Yeah, our temperatures are going to be one of those situations where it cools off overnight, and continues cooling off into the day tomorrow. We have quiet conditions on the radar, right now. But tonight into tomorrow, we're going to see some moisture moving in along with so much cooler air. And you could see that cool air already starting to grab hold of spots like Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown where those temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. We're still in the 50s and 60s in most locations, here.

We have 58 in Pittsburgh, Cranberry, and Kittanning. Even warmer in Greensburg and Washington, where it's the mid-60s. 65 for Connellsville, and even closer to 70 degrees in Morgantown right now. So great temperatures. Blue skies, with few clouds mixed in there. Don't get too used to this for now.

As it stands, we have partly- to mostly-cloudy skies in the region. 58 degrees. Northerly winds at 20 miles per hour, and occasional gusts closer to 25. So it's breezy. That'll be the case tonight, and into the day tomorrow. But it's going to be a cold breeze blowing into town.

Today we got up to 64 degrees, after starting off at 44. So a pretty average April day. But it's not going to stay that way. We have some colder air moving in, and with it some snow. You can see that on the satellite and radar. That will inch towards us tonight, and into tomorrow. It'll start off, likely, as rain, and then mix with and change over to snow for a bit. Maybe some light, quickly melting accumulations on elevated surfaces. But we're not looking at anything big from this.

But you can see, midnight, those snow showers arriving Northeast Ohio. Those continue to work towards us overnight, tonight. And by 5:00 AM, we're looking at that rain transitioning to snow here. So that will be taking place. The cold air will continue to punch in through 7:00 AM, so these snow showers are going to be around during the morning commute. And again, it'll be quickly melting snow.

And then, by lunchtime, I think the bulk of the precipitation will be over. Although we'll see a couple of showers, possibly snow and rain mixed together, as we continue later into the day. Maybe an isolated one left over on Thursday, before we clear all that out of here. So it'll start to look better as we get later into the week.

So tomorrow is where it falls apart, cold on Thursday, and then our temperatures start to come up on the weekend. When it comes to the cold, we are looking at a freeze watch-- 1:00 AM till 10:00 AM. While this includes several counties, just know the cold, and the frosting, and freezing is going to take place everywhere. But they only issue that in counties where the growing season's begun.

So Thursday, at midnight, we're looking at temperatures near or just a little above freezing, and then dipping below freezing by the time we get into the morning hours. So that's the time period we're watching this to happen.

Tonight, 37 degrees. Showers late tomorrow. We're going to see that rain and snow mainly in the morning, but during the afternoon, something spotty can't be completely ruled out. But you'll see, going through the day, 7:00, 8:00 AM is where we're going to see the bulk of this coming through. Clouds left over into the afternoon. And those clouds will last into Thursday as well, along with those cold temperatures.

We'll see those numbers starting to come back up Friday, closer to 60 degrees. Saturday, near 60 as well. Same deal on Sunday. And temperatures really warm up heading into next week. And remember-- with the rain, and the snow, and the freeze watches all on the board, make sure you get the KDKA Weather app. It gives you all the details, all the alerts, and it's free. Search CBS Pittsburgh in the App Store and Google Play.